VGR Tournament n°13: Round 1

Issued by magicbart

VGR Tournament n°13: Round 1


The VGR tournament starts already, and it's now time to look after the results of

the first week!

But first, let me resume you the current leaderboard that Zephyraz made since its inception:

(where you can see the 32 best players of the 12 past tournaments)


1 happykid

2 zephyraz

3 Lucario

4 greendayseb

5 Ultim’D

6 yicestmoi

7 Smoka

8 Foxof

9 33Tails

10 Dark Eon Master

11 BlackShark

12 TigrN

13 narutokyuby

14 Undead

15 PMniac

16 Djon

17 Basile

18 tomgeek

19 DJ Atomika

20 pkaddict58

21 Prenz

22 silvaphie

23 Nostalgiker

24 niconoe

25 Sol-Solo

26 thewebinator

27 xdman

28 LarXeneUS13

29 hfactor66

30 monsterarceus

31 Flothaboss

32 OkamiAma77


To find more details about this leaderboard, please check Zephyraz's comments on the VGR Tournament topic.


Thus, we could see that some members are missing this time:

The #1 Happykid, #5 Ultim'D, #16 Djon, #19 DJ Atomika, #30 Monsterarceus... and also more inactive VGR members.

We can also see the lack of the last finalist, Johnny.

As a result, some members are favorites, such as Lucario or Zephyraz for this tournament.

But, there are also some great opponents & outsiders, ready for the battle, such as Basile, Thepandaemperor, Sellyme, Dark Eon Master, Pest or Pmniac.


So, here are the results of the first round:

Sellyme totally mashed #7 Smoka (-1) with the INCREDIBLE result of +1615 platinums, wow!

#15 Pmniac (-1) succeed to qualify against #9 33Tails (-24) whereas TRINDEL (+15) beat Flosser (0) for his return on VGR.

Vgrz (-3) and Yoshi55 (+8) won against #14 Undead (-4) and Tfisher93 (0).

Magicbart, without winning any plats, beat Tundra (-6); Paulws72 beat KM (0) with one platinum earned; #3 Lucario (+32) qualify against Grace (+1) and #13Narutokyuby with +3 won against Bncrl01.

Two outsiders, Bradon D. (+8) & Pest (+19), won versus Rob-in & MTC.

ObsessiveGamer218, UndeadLight, E & Kanbei won their matches.

In the meantime, Markanid (+13) beat his teammate Yuri (-1).


On the other part of the tournament, MWT 2.0 (+3) beat with a short gap Asep (+1).

Furthermore, Ghetto Joe, #10 Dark Eon Master and #17 Basile qualified.

Atomiks found 30 platinums to beat Whats, whereas Triviani , Derrickrozan & Antonin Zeking won in the three 0-0 matches.

The two SM teammates #2 Zephyraz & GTi qualified, when the troll nikitoons qualified also

Besides, the 5 last members that qualified are ThePandaEmperor (+7), TigrN (+5), MBAcymru (+11), Matgame (+6) and [Zimer] (+8).


Except Sellyme with his HUGE amount of platinums earned, lots of members send few platinums to qualify. As a result, we may see some great matches with lots of new platinums taken and send in the future.

In fact, the 32 first round winners won exactly 1836 (which is huge) platinums with an average of 57 platinums earned by members.

Nevertheless, without Sellyme it became an average of 6.9 platinums.. what a gap!



The next round will oppose:

Sellyme vs Pmniac


Yoshi55 vs MagicBart

Paulws72 vs Lucario

Narutokyuby vs Bradon D.

Pest vs ObsessiveGamer218

UndeadLight vs E

Kanbei vs Markanid

MWT 2.0 vs Ghetto Joe

Dark Eon Master vs Basile

Atomiks vs Triviani

Antonin Zeking vs Zephyraz

Gti vs Nikitoons

ThePandaEmperor vs TigrN

MBAcymru vs Derrickrozan

Matgame vs [Zimer]


With obviously some great matches to follow.

Good luck everybody, and have fun while playing!



In the TEAM Tournament:

In the (I am calling it) Death pool, Cyberscore beat B2H 1486 to 28 and Sociopath Men won against Great Players Inc. by –63 vs –1366.

In the Pool B [AG] beat [BF] whereas CA.fr beat the Star Wolf.

In the Pool C, Red Suns (+54) won against TreeHouse (-5) & World Leaders (+5) beat [BRO] (0)

In the Pool D, The Dark Alliance and The Club could defeat their opponents [TEN] & [TPGL] easily.


That’s it for the first round.

Good luck to everyone, and see you for the summary of the next one!




12/03/2019 09:28
Thank you for this cool summary  
12/03/2019 10:28
Thanks a lot for this really nice resume of the actual tournament. 
It lights up again this important event for the site, reflecting its real activity, twice per year.
It's always nice to see how some members can be active, depending on both individual and team opponents. There is always collateral effects, it's also why it's so exciting.
Good luck everybody...
12/03/2019 13:21
14/03/2019 15:27
Great news. Nice to see different things
14/03/2019 21:56

I'm no outsider.