VGR Tournament #14

Issued by Basile

October just starts, and so is the VGR tournament! 

Before seeing the rounds of this year's tournament, let's check the "VGR TOURNAMENTS" ranking  made by Zephyraz since the beginning:


1) Happykid (66)

2) Lucario (61)

3) Zephyraz (59)

4) Greendayseb (38)

5) Smoka (37)

6) Ultim'D

7) Yicestmoi (36)

8) Foxof

9) 33Tails (34)

10) Dark Eon Master

11) Basile (31)

12) Narutokyuby

13) TigrN

14) BlackShark (30)

15) PMniac (29)

16) Undead (28)

17) Djon (25)

18) Pkaddict58 (24)

19) Tomgeek

20) DJ Atomika (23)

21) Pest (21)

22) Prenz

23) Silvaphie (20)

24) Nostalgiker

25) Sol-Solo (19)

26) Croctus

27) Xdman

28) Niconoe

29) LarXeneYS13

30) Tundra

31) Hfactor 66 (18)

32) Bradon D. 


First important point of this 14th edition of the VGR tournament is the lack of Lucario (#2). He choose to focus on specifics personal aims on SSBU (good luck Lucario!), and he lets a huge door open to Zephyraz (#3) who's just behind him.

Also, 3 members of the top 10 are missing: Greendayseb (#4), Yicestmoi (#7) et 33Tails (#9). It could benefit to others behind them, to overtake them and allowing them to join this top 10, good luck to them!

It's also seeing the big return of Happykid (#1) who miss the last tournament, and acts now as a great favorite, even if we have some great challengers and outsiders out there.

Let's now focus on the differents matchs:

For the first half of the board:

Sellyme vs Yoshi55; Thunder force 83 vs Mgatmkw; Basile (#11) vs Matt; Hawksley vs Foxof (#8);

Zimer vs Pbourassa2002; Gyrule_TMT vs Kanbei; Atomiks vs Dorfagent; PMniac (#15) vs VenousFlytrap;

Mimo vs TFisher93; Kirito3107 vs GameGuardianX; TigrN (#13) vs Perrier; Yuri vs Dark Eon Master (#10);

Zephyraz (#3) vs Ajmack; ItzKy vs MystExiStentia; GTi vs Falckenhaus; Nosto vs Vivi_Stem .


In the second half:

Pest (#21) vs MatthewFelix; 1337 vs Undead (#16); Asep vs Amaury_Stem; Ever FRee vs Bradon D. (#32);

Mike-Soad vs BowserX; WAVE vs Sigeth; Djon (#17) vs Happykid (#1); Markanid vs Quar;

Ultim'D (#6) vs Monsterarceus; FuturSucrerie vs Gessy; TRINDEL vs Muik; Smoka (#5) vs ThePandaEmperor;

Vgrz vs Kress; DJ Atomika (#20) vs Triggier; MBAcymru vs Coloradohusky; Juwu_ vs RemoteFortress


We can see 6 headliners in the first part, and 8 in the second one.

Furthermore, few matchs will be really interesting to follow, and tight:

Yuri against DarkEonMaster (#10), Djon (#17] versus Happykid (#1), also the biggest match of this first round opposing Smoka (#5) to the last VGR tournament's winner (13) ThePandaEmperor. Also to follow, will Sellyme still impress this time with a huge amount of platinums? Which team is gonna win the title this time: SM, B2H, RS, DA ? Can a newcomer make a breakthrough? 

What surprises will the tournament gave us? Let's see!

As always, expect some twists until the end, taking with them your platinums and even your master badges!


From here, have fun, do your best, and more important keep VGR alive!

I will see you for the results of the first round next week. Until this, good luck everybody


02/10/2019 23:56
By the way, happy birthday Atomiks!  
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04/10/2019 12:17
Thanks for the tournament preview Basile ! Really nice to read