VGR's finance 2020/06

Issued by Foxof

For this new article on financing, I'm going to talk to you about goodies and especially T-shirts because that's what members want, but before that the numbers.

Figures for April and May

Utip: 4.82 in April, 6.11 in May, 13.78 since the start of Utip
Paypal: 0 in April, 120 € in May, or 140 € this year for the moment, we should be able to do better than last year with 153 €.


 For T-shirts, we will look at the subject with classics, either only with the logo but also personalized with the nickname on the back. We could also make limits like a special V7 or special 5000 games. For the special statistic of the member of the year we can put that in place.
If you have T-shirt ideas, or other goodies you are interested in, write a comment on this item.

Funding idea

Once we have an idea of the products that the members want, we could go on an Ulule project and each member will make his order, if during the period the number of orders will be sufficient, we will start manufacturing. the goal being to reduce the costs and the stocking of the material.

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05/06/2020 18:25
Well, I will be very happy with my VGR T-shirt, and why not a mug, if possible..  
10/06/2020 20:52
I agree with Basile.
11/06/2020 10:33
Les T-shirt seraient cool, je me rappel du bien qui date de très longtemps, qui n'est plus en très bon état aujourd'hui ;; Sinon des vestes ça pourrait le faire aussi? Même si je pense que le coût est plus élevé du coup?
11/06/2020 13:34 - Edited the 11/06/2020 13:35
Super ! Il me tarde pour les T-Shirt !
Pourquoi pas également des coques/Étui pour Portable  
16/06/2020 02:26
I would love a VGR T-Shirt with my Username on it as well. It can be simple, I wouldn't mind.
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