VGR is searching for designers

Issued by kloh

Since almost the very beginning of VGR, I am the official designer and if there have been a few times I had some help (in the past and still today), I stay the only one to be full-time designer for the website.
It already happens that I'm not enough available to follow the new games addition flow and my personal and professional projects for the upcoming months may cause a rarefaction of my availability. Beyond that risk, it would also be good that I'm not the only one designer any more.
So I'm looking for one (or more) people to help me on this role.

To clarify what a designer does on VGR, there are two types of tasks:

  • Images' creation
    • Images and badges for new games
    • Special badges (yearly tops, legendary member…)
    • Images social network (Facebook, Youtube, Twitch…)
  • HTML/CSS developement
    • It involves working on V7, using Sass and VueJS

In terms of tools for image creation, I personally use Photoshop but I also provide templates for Gimp. But in the absolute, it is possible to use other graphic design tools as long as they allow to cleanly crop and apply simple effects such as drop shadows.
In any case, I have documented a detailed guide for creating images, you will not be left on your own.

If you are interested, I invite you to apply in comments to this message, by PM or on Discord.


17/05/2020 16:26
I'm alright at image creation..