VGR is on UTIP

Issued by Foxof

UTIP is a free way to support VGR, it will take you a few seconds of your time.
For each Advertising Video you watch, a few cents will be collected by VGR.
So when you have a few minutes, don't hesitate to look at one.

Lien : https://utip.io/videogamesrecords


20/03/2020 16:49 - Edited the 20/03/2020 16:50
Cool I'll give it a go!
20/03/2020 16:50
Im not sure if this a country thing but I can't get any ads (this maybe because I live in the UK) however I did give it a follow!
21/03/2020 15:09
Thank you! I always wanted to help VGR, now I can