VGR Discord Server & Opening of VGR Tournament #11

Issued by magicbart

Hello everybody, today begins the 11th VGR tournament!

As usual, it will contain 64 players and 16 teams, for a 6-week period. You can consult the schedule tournament here. Good luck to you all!

Players which are currently under investigation ([Zimer] and Silver15), will not be able to post any record during the tournament to not interfere with it. If a sanction is taken against one of them, it will be applied at the end of the tournament.

Another major news: VGR has now its own Discord server! We chose to release it at the same time than the new tournament so you could be able to discuss it easily. Come join us here: Video Games Records Discord Server.


01/03/2018 15:04 - Edited the 01/03/2018 15:05
For the members who don't want to download the software on their computer, just know there is a version that allow you to use discord on your Web Browser (on the website discordant.com here).

I hope we will se you there really soon !  
02/03/2018 14:01
discord peut se télécharger sur linux ?
02/03/2018 16:43
Pour le moment j'utilise la version web, mais oui il y'a une version linux