VGR council: report of the first two councils

Issued by kloh

Note: this text has been translated from French with Deepl.

The first two councils were held on January 18 and February 8. Here is an account of the topics discussed.

The organization of the staff

It was recalled the existing roles in the staff today:

  • Super admin
  • Game adder
  • Controller
  • Moderator
  • Editor
  • Designer (technically, the role is the same as Game adder)

For each of these roles, the council must define:

  • The person in charge of each section.
    • Indeed, there is not necessarily a manager as such for all roles at present; there is a lack of managers for moderators and editors. If you are already a member of the staff and you are interested, do not hesitate to declare yourself.
  • The job description corresponding to each role.
    • They will also be published on the website and will be used in particular for the recruitment of new staff members.

It was decided to give the maximum rights (super admin) to all council members who would not already have them. The aim is to allow more staff members to be able to handle requests requiring a high level of rights.
In spite of this, there are still operations that are not easily possible (i.e. without technical skills in database development or management). This is notably the case for deleting records or changing the type of records. Some of these operations will be made possible more simply in v7.

Finally, the abolition of staff rights was discussed. The council decided to remove all rights to a staffer from the moment he has not been active on the site for one year. If the member becomes active as a staffer again, the necessary rights will be restored.

Organization of the council

The organizational arrangements for the council were formalized at the first meeting.

Council members

The council will be composed of 5 members in order to be sure to always obtain a majority in case of a vote that would not obtain a consensus.
The composition of the council will be reviewed every 6 months to ensure a rotation of its members and to respond to the individual availability of staff members.
The first council is made up of the section heads: magicbart, Foxof, zephyraz, Basile and kloh.


The council meets monthly for a vocal meeting on Discord. The rest of the time, it exchanges in writing between the forum and Discord.
For these meetings, members from outside the council can be invited to participate as needed, according to two situations:

  1. 1. One of the council members cannot participate and is replaced by another staff member.
  2. 2. One of the topics discussed in the meeting requires the participation of a member of the site (who may or may not come from the staff) in an advisory capacity, because he or she is familiar with the subject or is particularly involved with the site on this subject.

Decisions and actions

The council has a democratic and non-totalitarian vocation.
Its members will therefore take care to open participation to all members of the site as much as possible, especially if a subject does not obtain consensus within the council.
Moreover, even if a majority opinion emerges within the council, if a majority of members do not have the same position as the council, the council should not take decisions that go against the will of the members of the site.

Communication and recruitment

In addition to the job descriptions already discussed, section heads must try to maintain a recruitment policy to better distribute the workload and avoid bottlenecks due to a lack of people, especially for design (creation of images for new games in particular).

Beyond recruitment for staff, work should be done on setting up partnerships with other sites or communities.
The current problem on this point is that nobody really has time to do it in the staff. We should be able to recruit a person in charge of communication, including partnerships.
In the same vein (external contacts), we should create e-mail addresses for each section leader at a minimum. This would allow us to make contact with external people or sites while being more credible (more than using personal addresses).


The topic was briefly discussed and council members were asked to consider possible options for a more fulsome exchange at a future council meeting.
Among the possibilities discussed: a participatory fundraising campaign for the release of v7, the creation of a Patreon, the implementation of an association membership system (with an annual membership fee),...


“VIP” games

For some time now the addition of new/important games has been prioritized over other games. It's very positive because we have games much faster today thanks to that. The only negative point is that the list of the latest games in the footer displays the games by creation date and not by publication date. Despite everything, it is agreed to continue this policy because it is beneficial for the life of the site.

Case of Warrior's Orochi 4

There are already games with this type of ranking on the site and in the past we have always added only the kills and times scores in separate rankings, ignoring the letters (or other similar statistics) that are the result of the combination of other statistics (kill + time for example) according to a calculation or algorithm specific to the game.
Therefore it is decided not to integrate the letters in the game records and to integrate only the kills and times statistics.

Specific rules

With the v7 of the site, the management of specific rules for the games will be added. For the addition of new games, a request form for addition will be set up and a field will be introduced to allow the applicant to specify these specific rules.
In anticipation of this new feature, adders are asked to systematically ask applicants to specify specific rules useful for records, if necessary.
Here are some examples of specific rules: records are provable by video only; records are provable under particular conditions, etc.

Video proofs

In addition to the specific rules, v7 will bring a novelty concerning video proofs: it will be possible to force video proofs at the level of a record, a group or even a complete game. This will have the effect of preventing to prove with another file than a video.
In addition, controllers will also be able to explicitly ask a member to prove a record per video, even if the record does not require it, but members will not have this possibility and will have to contact a controller or administrator if they want to prove a record per video.

Clarification of banning members

We have clarified the rules for banning members because it has never been really clear under what conditions a member can be banned.

Criteria for banning

The banning criteria are simple: will be banished any member who has not respected the rules of the site, in particular the prohibited practices defined in the rules of the site.

Ban duration

We have defined three levels of banishment, temporary and permanent:

  1. 1. On the first offence, the offending member is banned for 4 months.
  2. 2. If the member re-offends once, he is banned for a period of 1 year.
  3. 3. If the member reoffends a second time, he or she is permanently banned.

These banning rules are applicable as of today.


For several months now, a Discord forum has been set up so that the members of the site can discuss in a more informal and fluid way than on the forum.
It is rather a great success because Discord is very dynamic. However, we have noticed that many very interesting discussions, requests or information were shared only on Discord. While they probably wouldn't have happened, the problem with Discord is that it is difficult to find information in the conversation histories.
Therefore, we strongly encourage you to report on the forum the fruit of your exchanges, as soon as the information should be retrievable at a later date.

Next council

For the next council, it is planned to deal in particular with the separation of virtual and original consoles, as well as emulators.


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