VGR Advent Calendar

Issued by Ultim'D

Hi everybody!


We’re now in December, and to wait Christmas together an Advent Calendar is organized on VGR!

The Advent Calendar is in fact two distinct games, everybody can play on the website.

The first one is a “Record Game”. Each day, a record is revealed, and every member has 7 days to compete on it and try to do the best score, and post a proof. At the end of the 7 days, a ranking will be created between all the participants. At the end of the Advent Calendar, a leaderboard will be created to show who the “Record Advent Calendar” champion is! You don’t have to play on all the records, if you play on at least of of them, you’ll be in the leaderboard. A lot of different games will be in this event, so don’t forget to come check this.

You don’t have the game to compete in the record of the day? Or you even want more? Great, there is a second game! It’s the “Picture Game”. Each day, with the record, a picture is published. This picture is as character from a Video Game. The game is to guess the character on the picture. At the beginning, the pictures will be quite easy to find, but it will get harder and harder. You just have to send a PM to Ultim’D telling your answer. The fastest get more points, and a leaderboard will be created to determine the “Picture Advent Calendar” champion!

We’re already at Day 2! You want to participate? You have questions about the game? Then check the thread on the forum and come play with us!