Utip 04/2020 & Twitch and Youtube

Issued by Foxof

It’s now been a month since VGR’s Utip launched,

For this first month, we collected € 6.47 with 18 collectors, out of the 18, there are 5 subscribers and 6 registered, which makes 12 famous people unknown, but if a person clicks on the link from their phone and once from his computer it can count for two famous strangers.

If you have a few seconds to spare per day, don't hesitate to watch one or two ads on the link.
If 50 members do it twice a day for a week, we would have € 7 per week, or € 364 per year.

For Twitch and Youtube, if members are interested in bringing the channels to life, all ideas are good to take, as a member makes a game on VGR Twitch (in any%) with a timer and once the game is over add the video on VGR Youtube.
That would allow us to have let's play from different members and in different languages for the diversity of the site.
The only rule would be, the original game on the original console, no emulator, it's like on VGR.

We would display the number of different games finished with the total time of each game
the title of the video would be for example:
[Country abbreviation] Game name [Platform] (Time) Members
[FRA] Jump Girl [GameBoy Advance] (1:45:29) Elisa2802/Maelle_labestofmonde


20/04/2020 14:41
Nice article. Do not hesitate to help VGR by using Utip!
20/04/2020 16:01
20/04/2020 18:22
Whenever I get the chance, I will use 3 phones and 1 computer to watch 90 ads  
20/04/2020 19:49
you shouldn't disgust yourself, it's not the goal
21/04/2020 11:39
Don't worry, it is something I like to do. Supporting VGR makes me happy