Twitch 2020/09

Issued by Foxof

 Hello everyone!

The VGR's twitch channel is now affiliated, which means that now the channel can get subscriptions. If I'm talking to you about that today, it's mostly because of the Twitch Prime subscriptions.

If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, you can link your Amazon account to Twitch and you will get the possibility, once a month, to subscribe to a twich channel for free. However, you'll need to re-subcribe every month to continue to support the channel.

A sub, it's 5$. Twitch takes 2.5$ and 2.5$ goes to VGR.

So, if somehow you want to help us with 5$, we strongly recommend you to make a donation using paypal, giving you the opportunity to gain and receive at your house a nice VGR Badge (magnet or pin).

But, if you want to take a subscription to unlock the VGR's emote (available soon), from now to end of september it's the SUBtember: subscriptions costs 3.99$ instead of 4.99$.

We currently have 3 subs. If we can get 15 subs at the same time, we will unlock a second square to get a new emote. 

As always, don't hesitate to follow and support us here, on VGR, or on every platform that you like!

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07/09/2020 19:11 - Edited the 07/09/2020 19:37
Merci Basile pour la trad et la correction.