TWITCH 2020/08

Issued by Foxof

Hello VGR,

VGR's Twitch channel is looking for members, you can stream your workouts or suggest ideas for animation, or just follow the channel.
The goal is to bring the channel to life in order to make VGR known to a new audience.

Currently, you can increase the number of Let's play / Speed Runs
Objective: Play live games, and add reruns to VGR's Youtube
Each member of VGR can inflate the number of finished games.

Each broadcast can be made:

  • in his language

  • solo or multiplayer
  • the game can be done in Any% or in 100%
  • the games can be played in one broadcast if it is short, or in several depending on the time available by the broadcaster.
  • There is no limit to the number of games made by a member


  • make a stopwatch appear and stop it when the end credits appear or at the end of the last level if there is none or if there is something else to do after.

  • Play on the original version, no emulation, the same rules as on VGR
  • if a game has already been made it will not count in the table, favor another version or another console, the first pokemon can be played 8 times, in blue, green, red, yellow, leaf green, fire red, let's go evoli and let's go pikachu. This will allow to have several broadcasts of a game in several languages.

Remember to make a recording of the broadcast to have the best quality and avoid downloading the replay on twitch
Once the game is finished, we will fill in the table and add the video (s) on the VGR Youtube.

Click on the table to open it, For the second tab it is a test, to see to improve it. As for the full table, if you have any ideas, add a comment in the article.


Future objective:

Once we have a small team, my goal is to plan relay marathons, for certain events (such as the release of V7), either by game theme, or chosen by the broadcast members or by vote of the community. Once chosen, the broadcasters make a game and hand over the channel to the next one who will play his game and so on until the last game. Once finished, fill in the table and the reruns will be available on Youtube.

You can also help us by following the channel.

We are at 43 follows, 7 more to be able to put emotes and accept Amazon prime subscriptions, which allows you to subscribe to a channel for free if you have an Amazon prime account. And brought in $ 2.5 for each VGR subscription.

Find us on :



18/08/2020 20:05
can you see the board and the buttons?
I still have problems displaying images
18/08/2020 22:50
Yes,the board is visible.
Thanks for this nice initiative, I will try to follow this as I can.
20/08/2020 07:38
This is a cool idea. I'll at least make sure I am following the channel, I'm not much of a streamer, but I will watch some.