Top of week #6

Issued by kloh
1. Cosmic Bugs 315 posts
2. Pokémon Go 240 posts
3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl 194 posts
4. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 146 posts
5. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile 93 posts
6. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 84 posts
7. Pokémon Shuffle 68 posts
8. Postknight 54 posts
9. Angry Birds 31 posts
10. Papa Pear Saga 23 posts
11. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy : Curtain Call 21 posts
12. Piano Tiles: Arcade X 19 posts
13. Bejeweled 3 16 posts
14. Race Driver : GRID 14 posts
15. Tekken 6 12 posts
16. Athlete Kings 10 posts
16. Candy Crush Saga 10 posts
18. Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 9 posts
19. Mario Kart 7 8 posts
20. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 7 posts
20 - 68.   83 posts  
Total   1457 posts  


1.   [Zimer] 657 posts
2.   [DS] Dark Eon Master 171 posts
3.   [SWOLF] OkamiAma77 154 posts
4.   [Club] magicbart 102 posts
5.   [SM] DJ Atomika 71 posts
6.   Ultim'D 63 posts
7.   Pest 45 posts
8.   [BF] 33Tails 31 posts
9.   [8BA] GTi 30 posts
10.   [樹家] Undead 21 posts
11.   [SM] zephyraz 13 posts
12.   [ニンテンド] Hayden 12 posts
12.   [Nauru] Gordon Jewkes 12 posts
14.   Macleane 10 posts
15.   UndeadLight 7 posts
15.   Markanid 7 posts
15.   [ST] Bradon D. 7 posts
18.   MrMatthewxK 5 posts
18.   Rob-in 5 posts
20.   [Y&P] yicestmoi 4 posts
20 - 40.   30 posts  
Total   1457 posts  


GTi Avatar of GTi
12/02/2018 08:40
Hmmm...Zimer is back. I thought he was a major cheater and thrown out of this site (and other sites). Like highscore.com, Cyberscore etc. Had DDR Extreme max score all over and others.... I hope admins here will investigate thie a bit more.
12/02/2018 10:09
He is back under monitoring, we will controle all his scores
GTi Avatar of GTi
12/02/2018 10:50
Good. As I don't believe his Revenge of Shinobi score on the Sega Megadrive. It's more than double than the Twin Galaxies WR.
And he has still 9 lives left and 999 shurikens...come on guy...
13/02/2018 17:23
Zimer was banned out of VGR because he cheated some scores, and played with not official emulation, which is forbidden in this site (except the official Wii Virtual Console).
That's why we must really take care with all of his new scores here.

For Revenge of Shinobi, I know there is a glitch in this game, because I played it.
The glitch is easy to find, but probably not easy to make.
So the max score can probably be higher than 2,5 M...
So the Zimer's score is legit for me here.
GTi Avatar of GTi
13/02/2018 22:05
Well.. for me finding a glitch is okay. Using it also. But keep it then for your own personal 'record'. Don't post it. Nothing to be proud of. Not a WR worth it. For me it is the same as cheating. You're abusing the error.
And not for the least it's lame and not fair to gamers who like this game and want to play it fair.
As said he has still  max life and shuriken so where does it ends..
I don't dig persons who continuously Google for game glitches and then walk away with a WR . Are they really proud on their achievement?
Well.. thats my personal opinion..
GTi Avatar of GTi
13/02/2018 22:23
Same for cosmic bugs. Getting over 100% on this game requires an exploitation of a glitch in the game.
If admin approve this ....well.. Not very fair to the persons he just beated.
Are old 2015 scores he posted on Highscore.com by the way.
14/02/2018 10:56
Well, I understand what you mean, and I agree this is sad to exploit the glitches in games to make the higher score.
But there is already hundreds of games in this situation, unfortunately often due to the technical bugs in games, or error left by developers. It's like that, and if everybody can do it, glitches are allowed.
Read this:
Cheat or glitch, what it is ?
Rules part 2.3:
2.3 Glitches usage

Glitch: A video game bug allowing the realization of unplanned gameplay, such as passing through walls or modifying timers.

The following types of glitches are prohibited:

   Glitches that can only be realized on some versions of a game or some platforms. A glitch must be achievable by any player.
   Glitches that freeze the timer.

As they are unexpected, glitches and their consequences are very different depending on the games so it isn't possible to define other general rules.
Any other glitch is authorized by default, unless there is a rule specified on the record page (functionality to come). All specific rules displayed on a record page are prior to the rules defined in this Agreement.
If there is no indication nor rule, you can ask an administrator for more information or inquire on the forum. It is possible that a glitch could be unknown from the VGR team and could be prohibited after a case study.
GTi Avatar of GTi
14/02/2018 15:47
ok Thanks. Didn't know glitches where allowed here on this site.
18/02/2018 17:28
Oulala xD En me concentrant sur Kid Icarus, ça va être difficile d'être dans ce top, mais je vais espérer un top 20 ça serait sympa :)

Ouch xD With my focus on Kid Icarus Uprising game, it'll be hard to be in the top of the next week, btw i'll try to be in top 20, could already be cool :)