Top of week #37

Issued by greendayseb
1.  Flow Free 130 posts
2.  Pokémon Shuffle 115 posts
3.  Pokémon Rumble World 66 posts
4.  Mario Kart 7 65 posts
5.  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 60 posts
6.  Mario Kart 64 (NTSC) 29 posts
7.  Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 22 posts
8.  Final Fantasy XIII-2 20 posts
9.  Tourist Trophy 19 posts
9.  Sonic Unleashed : La Malédiction du Hérisson 19 posts
11.  Need for Speed Shift 18 posts
12.  Mario Kart DS 16 posts
12.  Archer Maclean's Mercury 16 posts
14.  San Francisco Rush : Extreme Racing 14 posts
15.  Donkey Konga 13 posts
15.  MotorStorm : Arctic Edge 13 posts
17.  F1 World Grand Prix 12 posts
17.  Sega Rally 12 posts
19.  Freeze! 11 posts
20.  Super Smash Bros. Brawl 10 posts
20 - 56.   150 posts  
Total   830 posts  


1.   [銀河] Bradon D. 142 posts
2.   LarXeneUS13 125 posts
3.   [銀河] Zac. 99 posts
4.   [N64E] brian64 65 posts
5.   [SM] zephyraz 64 posts
6.   DJ Atomika 53 posts
7.   Omar 32 posts
8.   [SFT] eVeR¤FRee 23 posts
9.   Salsupe 22 posts
10.   IlluminaTea 21 posts
11.   [SM] greendayseb 19 posts
12.   [GP] thewebinator 15 posts
13.   [BRO] Foxof 13 posts
13.   [GP] Lucario 13 posts
15.   WesternGun 12 posts
15.   palfighter 12 posts
17.   [SM] earlcash05 11 posts
17.   [DS] Smoka 11 posts
19.   Zosime 10 posts
19.   tristan28 10 posts
20 - 35.   58 posts  
Total   830 posts  


19/09/2016 22:07 - Edited the 19/09/2016 22:07
No surprise seeing Flow Free surge to the most played game once more. That game would have over 3000 charts if the two missing level packs were added.
19/09/2016 23:46
One of them is the interval pack.

Top again :3
20/09/2016 02:41
the conserving of records are much more visible here. only did small things and still got top 3
20/09/2016 12:32 - Edited the 20/09/2016 12:34
That's why this Top is just an information about the virtual activity of members, and I've never considered it as a special objective.
It mainly depends on which games with lot of scores you own (mostly quick and which can be updated), not how many time you spent to make them.
For example, I can spend around 100 hours or more on few scores like Uncharted 4 or Football Manager 2015, and it will not be shown directly on this Top.
I stay optimistic: don't fear to see players with less than 10 scores per week, it doesn't mean the site is loosing activity. 
20/09/2016 13:00
As I've already said.
moves the flow of games are not added on VGR
existing moves leave.

Comme je l'ai déjà dit.
les moves des jeux flow ne sont plus ajouté sur VGR
les moves existant partiront.
20/09/2016 13:34
@zephyraz, yes, I know what it's like to invest hours upon hours into one score. Yesterday on Sonic Rush Adventure I finally beat the TSC Mission 99 record for most rings after almost 9 months of trying. Hundreds upon hundreds of attempts went into that level.

@Foxof, not sure what you were trying to say, I was just pointing something out about the game. I've been working on Flow Free Bridges from time to time, but 13x13 boards with bridges can get pretty tricky, it's no wonder no one on VGR has ever attempted them.
20/09/2016 14:24
Sorry but free games are allowed or not?
20/09/2016 16:17
That's a great news, for real, i enjoy it really much when i read something like this.
But i'll enjoy even more the day they will disappear of VGR.

C'est vraiment une bonne nouvelle, j'apprécie de lire ce genre de choses sur la disparition des scores move de Flow.
Mais je savourerai encore plus le jour où ce sera appliqué et que ceux-ci auront bel et bien disparus.
20/09/2016 18:10 - Edited the 20/09/2016 18:18
Oh, so if I'm reading greendayseb's French right, the moves charts on the Flow games are being taken off VGR? Well there goes my reason for playing those two games. And half my golds and half my PointsRecords. btw you can't even get flow 20000+ on the iOS App Store anymore, and flow 5000+ is under a different name now, glow 5000+. The game has undergone several subtle name changes because of how many times it's been taken off the App Store. To say the least, I'm not looking forward to seeing some of my stats get cut in half after a year of getting them to where they are now. That just ain't right.
21/09/2016 08:17 - Edited the 21/09/2016 08:20
@hfactor Btw yeah, foxof confirmed they will disappear, one day. These scores are not records, they are only amount of score. That is the same as add a puzzle of 3.000 pieces and ask how many pieces you needed to make the puzzle. Easy answer: 3.000.

About Flow 20.000, here we have the exact problem staff pointed when they had the debate 'Should we add on VGR a game that may disappear in the future".

And now, Flothaboss has 14 000 platinum forever, because no one can ever reach his score.
21/09/2016 12:49
Sure they all have a cap, but by that logic shouldn't all scores that have a cap be removed from all games, if they're "not records," and "only amounts of score?" I understand Flow Free and the bridges version in some views may be easy points and golds, but you still gotta put in the work to perfect every level, which is easier said than done on the larger boards. I'm fine with 20000+ being taken down because that game isn't even available for download anymore, but for the two that I do have and have put a lot of work into, I'm gonna beg my case that this is bs taking them down.
21/09/2016 17:35 - Edited the 21/09/2016 17:39
About Flow games, you can check what was written last years:
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Lot of things have been said, sorry if it is mainly in french.