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2020-02-06 16:17:06  
Console: 3DS
Record Types: Types+, Colours+ ,Pts+ ,£+ ,Islands+

Food (Types)
Clothes (Types)
Clothes (Colours)
Hats (Types)
Hats (Colours)
Interiors (Types)
Goods (Types)
Treasures (Types)
Special Products (Types)

Rankings Board
Vitality (pts)
Popularity (pts)
Girl Appeal (pts)
Boy Appeal (pts)
Pampered (pts)
Explorer (Islands)
Splurge (£)

2020-02-06 16:28:19 - Last edit the 2020-02-06 16:28:41  
This is a great idea ngl.

Explorer (Islands)
Splurge (£)

These groups might not work but the rest are fine!

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2020-06-02 10:21:20  
it would take some photos of the different types of records, it looks like the number of hat posed, or cumulative.

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