Third round & quarter finals: VGR Tournament

Issued by Basile

Hello everybody, time to check the results of the last rounds of this VGR Tournament!

This tournament, really lively and full of surprises, is not going to stop startling us...

Here are the results of the team tournament for the 3rd round:

In the A pool, Cyberscore finishes first (9pts) followed by Nintend-Online.fr (6pts). They will fight against the B pool, seeing B2H first (9pts) and BlackFire second (6pts).

In the C pool, Nadeo Hunters are the surprising winner (9pts) just before the StarWolf (6pts), eliminating the last winner the Sociopath Men (3pts) and another big team the Red Suns (0pt). They will face the D pool, seeing the Dark Alliance winning (9pts) and Retro Gamers Gang finishing second (4pts).


We can notice for this quarter finals the following results:

Cyberscore wins 95 to 46 against BlackFire in a tie fight, when RG2 wins with only one platinum earned against Nh!

B2H wins on a huge score (276 plats to -1) against NO, and will face the DA, winner against the StarWold with a 100 platinum lead.



Huge surprise of these pools, RG2 qualify for the semi-final against Cyberscore, with ONLY 2 platinums earned since the beginning! Incredible!

On the other side, the biggest match to follow, looking like a final, will be B2H vs DA. Good luck to all the teams!



Let's focus on the members tournament next, with the results of the 3rd round:

Basile beats Sellyme in a tight match 258 to 227, thanks to Pokemon Go.

Atomiks beats Kanbei 13 to -12, that can not catch up after loosing platinums because of the match opposing Sellyme to Basile.

TigrN wins without earning any plat, when Vivi_Stem wins with only one, surprising!

Asep beats Undead 6 to 4, and Quar beats his team mate Sigeth 69 to 1.

In another team mate match, TRINDEL wins against Ultim'D 4 to 1, whereas RemoteFortress continues his ascent to the top by winning against DJ Atomika.


After this 3rd round, we only have two headliners left: Basile #11 & TigrN #13. They are obviously now the new "favorites" for the next rounds.

Then, the duels for the quarter-finals saw:

Basile #11 vs Atomiks

TigrN #13 vs Vivi_Stem

Asep vs Quar

TRINDEL vs RemoteFortress



Thus, few hours after the results of this quarter finals, we can see the huge victory of Atomiks against Basile, with a clear and impressive lead with 312 plats to 112, congratulations!

Vivi_Stem beats TigrN with only one plat. Quar beats Asep in another tight fight, 35 to 18, when TRINDEL can not reach the insane amount of platinums send by RemoteFortress, who wins by 231 to 121, wow!


Currently, Vivi_Stem reaches the semi-final with only 6 platinums earned! Atomiks got 330 (312 in the quarter final), Quar got 399 and RemoteFortress 423 (he is the one who got the most in the semi-finalists).

The four members have accumulated 1158 in their matches, great results!

The first semi-final will see Atomiks facing Vivi_Stem. With only 23 platinums, will Vivi_Stem be able to beat Atomiks and reach the final? Does he have enough platinums left? We will see!

In the other side, Quar will face RemoteFortress. The two players, new in the competition, will face for what could be a great an intense duel for reaching the final!

Good luck to them! What's certain now, is that these semi-finals are really unique and novel, with no headliners left. We will have a new winner for these tournaments, which symbolizes the amazing philosophy of this VGR Tournament 14.


Until then, let's meet us next week for the results!

Good luck to everybody, have fun while playing, and take care!


29/10/2019 16:28
29/10/2019 17:13
Nice topic like always. I love reading this.  
29/10/2019 18:56
very nice summaries again   and good luck to everyone!
29/10/2019 20:06
Congrats to RemoteForteress! Good luck to everyone for the rest!!!
Now we still have the team tournament for us with the first semi-final of the team!  
29/10/2019 22:46
Super résumé !

Ça motive encore plus pour le Tournoi  
30/10/2019 08:08
Nice summary again  

I wish good luck for all the finalists (members and team).

I wanted to add that it's a tournament, the opponents are chosen at random. So I had a lot of luck 
I admit, I was afraid to take a hundred plats in the last minutes by TigerN but he was absent