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2020-05-21 03:22:05  
Suggestion for add a game:

Platform: Android
From: N3TWORK Inc.
Release: 22/january/2020

Record type: High Score (Score (+))

Google Play Store link

2020-05-25 01:11:37 - Last edit the 2020-05-25 01:12:31  
Additional info:

The previous Terris for smartphones (https://www.video-games-records.com/tetris-jeu-j4083.html) is actually discontinued since April 21, 2020, so I think it would be important to introduce the successor (the old one is no longer accessible since Electronic Arts closed its servers).

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2020-05-25 12:08:43  
For information, games that are no longer available nowadays will be deactivated in VGR.
But you can even propose them for adding if they are not present in the games list.
It means you will continue to compete for them, but it will not count in the actual different rankings in VGR.

I will advert admins about the old Tetris, which will be deactivated.

2020-05-25 15:58:14  
Perfect, thank you!

The new one will be added?

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2020-06-02 16:47:12  
coming soon

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