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2018-10-10 20:05:13  
We really need to talk about WiiU games that have been ported on the nintendo Switch.

As far as I know, they are always differences in those games, small, but that change the gameplay or the way the scores have been done.
For example, on Donkey Kong country Tropical Freeze, you have a new character that can make better time than the ones in the WiiU (Funky Kong); on Captain Toad it seems to be different also.

But I do not have the nintendo switch, so I need your opinions to add the game on the correct platform (wiiU & switch or new switch version on VGR)

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2018-10-10 20:45:25 - Last edit the 2018-10-10 20:53:36  
Captain Toad Need a split, because it has some Levels with more easier way to get a invincible Mushroom.

This Mushroom was rare on Wii U because it only apear after die 5 times in a Level you have not beat yet. But since the Switch Version is out, it's just using the Toad Amiibo UNLIMITED time to get the Mushroom in every Level even after beating it.

In short: if you want to Play with the invincible Mushroom with your safe file on Wii U = you have to make a new one with unbeaten Levels.

But this is not the only difference:
-easy to manipulate Scores by playing with 2 Players (the 2. player can shot unlimited times on enemies you can not reach)
-drastical change in some Levels having more Coins in the Switch Version
(see this Video on 31:45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e_AY9lhoTg&t=1904s there you see 9 new coins on the left moving Platform)
-different Bonus Levels (Wii U got Mario 3D World Levels, Switch got Mario Odyssey Levels)

But it's easy to check if the Game was played on Switch or Wii U:
On the Level Select Screen you see always on top "2 players" on the Switch Version. The Wii U has no 2 Player Option.

Thats why again: whoever aprooved the scores of Jhonny, has no idea about Captain Toad... so pls stop aprooving scores of Game you don't know (whoever it was, doesn't matter, it counts overall)
See here the picture:
"Gemeinsam spielen" means "play together" or 2 player in short.
btw: my Picture was made in the Level, but i made this Picture actually out of my Proof Video playing the Wii U Version (you see it at the beginning)

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2018-10-10 22:07:08  
Don't forget 3DS version. All 3 versions were separated in Cyberscore as 3 different games.

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