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Super Mario All-Stars
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Super Mario Bros. level 2-3 ---> 270 second



16/10/2012 20:10
LOL this is kind of the easiest levels to speedrun =P
17/10/2012 15:48
It was just to show you how I was doing in Time Trial. It is not perfection. But at least I approach often prefection between 1-7 seconds on average.
20/10/2012 12:45
I already know why you dont get the 71.
You jumped to the 1st platform without have the max speed built. You had to keep on the ground for a bit more time =)
21/10/2012 22:29
This is often the type of error that I usually do three courses in each of any level. Are you sure I have to jump a little after? Because I do not want to hang the platform from below and I fall in later life. Otherwise, it is the end that I lack the precision landing my jumps.
21/10/2012 22:40
Yes I can see that your jump to the platform is not in the high speed. You had to wait just a bit and you are almost there =)
22/10/2012 17:20
Awesome speedrun Lucario! :D