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2019-11-21 12:10:43  
As RemoteFortress sais in the forum of this game :
All the records in this game so far on VGR are PAL, from zephyraz, thunder force 83 and myself, so please list what we have now as the PAL version.

I know this from a simple test using our "half-pipe" time. The 3 of us have identical times on this course and cannot be improved, as it is just a straight line to the finish goal not requiring any controller input at all, giving us all the time of 26"04.

The exact same test using the NTSC version gives a time of 21"70, so there is a huge gap in the timings, we should be aware of this.


I agree this, so please change the name of Steep Slope Sliders to: Steep Slope Sliders (PAL)

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2019-11-21 17:29:43  
Modifications have been done.

2019-11-21 17:40:08  
Thank you!

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