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2019-11-21 17:57:18  
(Exact same situation as the first game)

The Saturn version should be split from the PS1/PC versions as it is significantly different.

The frame rate is lower (20fps vs 30fps), the ships move faster, and handling is also different. The lap times are not comparable.

All the content is the same, so exact same records table layout as currently.


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2019-11-29 09:53:30  
Copy/paste of the PM from RemoteFortress :

RemoteFortress :

Not as clear cut as there are more players here, but again it is still safe to assume all records posted here are from the Playstation format. I have checked each person that I can and all the picture proofs have Playstation button icons. I would do the same as the first game, keep all the records listed in the PS/PC category, and the new Saturn table will be empty.

So we just need to create a new game

2019-11-29 15:19:19  
Thanks again!

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