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2019-09-13 10:35:45 - Last edit the 2019-09-13 10:36:53  
In the game Shatterbrain, please add the "Shapes" group, like already asked by Dark Eon Master:

Shapes Used/Formes utilisées
(score -  xxx)
Level 001
Level 002
Level 003


Level 198

Because, even if the "Shapes" group are mostly maxable records, it can be considered as a record in many levels, like in the previous game Brain It On!.
This game is strategic, and finding the minimum of shapes used is a real challenge in many levels, trust me (even if I did not finished it yet).
Also, the search for minimum shapes used allows you to unlock harder levels, and you can do even better as the fixed limit of the IA (but never below 1 unique shape, of course).

2019-09-15 03:13:15 - Last edit the 2019-09-15 03:14:34  
I agree. I originally did not agree with the decision to not include moves (shapes), but I couldn't find the way to explain how it would be different from other games where moves shouldn't count.
You are right. Moves (shapes) here are much more of a challenge and aren't easy to copy even if you look for it. The game itself has hints but sometimes those hints aren't even the best possible.
Since it is a Physics game where you draw what you want, you can still mess up even if you know what shape or line you have to make. The harder levels require precision.

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2019-09-29 13:34:01  

2019-09-29 16:47:13  
Awesome! Thank you.  

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