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2019-08-16 19:13:39  
Not a cheater, but user "Jeferson" has his records in the wrong version of the game.

Jeferson is using the PC version of the game which has a slower in-game timer meaning the lap times are faster. The fastest PC version times cannot be achieved on Saturn so it is unfair to mix them up.

Please check his records for proof:
Time Attack - Celica Standard MT - Mountain 3 Laps & Fastest Lap, & also
Time Attack - Celica Tuned MT - Lake Side 3 Laps & Fastest Lap

You can see it says press Enter Key for replay. It should say press C button for replay if it was the Saturn version.

Plus the records screen is much crisper on PC due to being a higher resolution than the Saturn version. All his times appear to be from the PC version.

Just a case of moving them all to the PC version already on VGR.


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