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2019-04-24 12:04:35 - Last edit the 2019-04-24 12:09:24  
I recently bought the game Sega Genesis Classics for PS4.
I already own also the Sega Genesis ("Sonic's") Ultimate Collection for PS3, which is almost the same thing, but with less games than for PS4.

I was not so hurry to add this game, because it takes some time to play the PS4 added games, and check what kind of scores we can propose.
Anyway, yesterday, when I checked proofs of Smoka for the PC versions of these games, I just remarked that there was the same grid for background screen than in the game for PS4.
After reading the Wikipedia page and discussions with Smoka, I saw they were now released for other systems (PS4, XONE and Switch).
I checked important details, which are the same for PC.
So in fact these games already exists on VGR.
Smoka and I agreed to let these games as unique ones, and not group them in one compilation game, because it was sold by packs for PC.

The important thing to say is: there is savestates and rewinds in Sega Genesis Classics games. 
I'm not really happy for this, but it's the developer's choice, and we are still free to not use them...
So, of course, these games should be separated from the original games, because the gameplay is different. Hopefully, it was done correctly by xdman, who added them for PC only.
Also, I checked for alternative versions of some games (around 10): I think it's mainly for adventures games, where languages are important to understand.
It concerns games for japanese, french, german, spanish, italian, or even english UK versions.
I did not check all, but I think there is no differences in gameplays with this, so it's ok for them.

Now, I suppose these Classics games are equal on the last systems releases: PS4, XONE and Switch.
So please add these 3 new systems for the existing games on VGR:

   Sega Genesis Classics: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
   Sega Genesis Classics: Alien Soldier
   Sega Genesis Classics: Alien Storm
   Sega Genesis Classics: Altered Beast
   Sega Genesis Classics: Bio-Hazard Battle
   Sega Genesis Classics: Bonanza Bros.
   Sega Genesis Classics: Columns
   Sega Genesis Classics: Comix Zone
   Sega Genesis Classics: Crack Down
   Sega Genesis Classics: Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
   Sega Genesis Classics: Dynamite Headdy
   Sega Genesis Classics: ESWAT: City Under Siege
   Sega Genesis Classics: Flicky
   Sega Genesis Classics: Gain Ground
   Sega Genesis Classics: Galaxy Force II
   Sega Genesis Classics: Golden Axe
   Sega Genesis Classics: Golden Axe II
   Sega Genesis Classics: Gunstar Heroes
   Sega Genesis Classics: Kid Chameleon
   Sega Genesis Classics: Ristar
   Sega Genesis Classics: Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
   Sega Genesis Classics: Sonic 3D Blast
   Sega Genesis Classics: Sonic Spinball
   Sega Genesis Classics: Sonic the Hedgehog
   Sega Genesis Classics: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
   Sega Genesis Classics: Space Harrier II
   Sega Genesis Classics: Streets of Rage
   Sega Genesis Classics: Streets of Rage 2
   Sega Genesis Classics: Super Thunder Blade
   Sega Genesis Classics: ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
   Sega Genesis Classics: Vectorman
   Sega Genesis Classics: Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

I saw there was some missing games, but I will add them later (so for PC/PS4/XONE/Switch) , when I can (2019 I hope).

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2019-06-24 13:43:47  
All done !

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2019-06-24 17:36:50  
Great, thanks a lot.  

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