Second round: VGR Tournament #14

Issued by Basile

And... Here comes the results of the second round of the VGR Tournament #14!

This round brought us many surprises! But before looking at them, let's check the team tournament:


In the first pool, Cyberscore wins his second match, so as Nintend-online.fr; the two teams are now qualified for the quarterfinals, eliminating TreeHouse & ToTheTop.

In the pool B, the match between B2H and SEGA saw the B2H win, whereas BF wins is first victory. From now on B2H is qualified, and BF & SEGA will fight to see which team is gonna join the quarterfinals. Good luck!

In the pool C, SM burried the RS with +54 plats. Nh wins his second match against SWOLF and are now qualified. The next match to follow will be SM vs SWOLF, the winner who will qualify for the future. Good luck once again!

In the pool D (that I have not forgotten this time), DA wins their match and then qualified. In the meantime, BRO wins his first match.  Tied, BRO & RG2 have to win their match if they want to qualify!


Let's make a point on the member tournament, who got lots of surprises!

Sellyme keeps going is plats way by winning with 489 platinums earned, not letting any chance to Thunder Force 83 (+40). Basile #11 wins against Hawksley with +17, when Kanbei beats [Zimer] with 10 plats.

Atomiks, TFisher93 and TigrN kicked PMniac #15, Kirito3107 and Yuri with small gaps.

First huge surprise, because they were collateral victims of others matchs, Zephyraz #3 and Pest #21 loose in the last minutes against ItzKy & Undead #16.

The two B2H members Vivi_Stem & Sigeth win their duel with only one plat earned each. Whereas Asep wins against an other B2H, Bradon D #32, in the last moments.

Another huge surprise is the defeat of the favorite Happykid #1 against the newcomer Quar. in a duel that intensify a lot in the last hour, Quar could beat Happykid with 265 plats earned against 182. Congratulations! Happykid could have lost some time when he was helping is team mate TRINDEL, that won against the last winner of the tournament ThePandaemperor, with a huge amount of 260 platinums sent (when TPE send 104). Wow!

These last twists will not have prevented Ultim'D #6 from beating Gessy with 12 platinums, same for DJ Atomika #20 that wins with only one platinum earned.

Last duel of this round, RemoteFortres prooves once again that he will be hard to beat, with a total of 93 platinums earned against MBAcymru. Truly a member to follow!


That round saw a lot of victory in the last minutes. But now, we only have one member of the top 10 left, after the defeat of Zephyraz & Happykid: Ultim'D #6. He is now the new favorite for this tournament, even if he has to be careful about 3 others members in the headliners: Basile #11, DJ Atomika #20 and Undead #16.

Next matchs will be:

Sellyme vs Basile #11

Kanbei vs Atomiks

TFisher93 vs TigrN

ItzKy vs Vivi_Stem

Undead #16 vs Asep

Sigeth vs Quar

Ultim'D #6  vs TRINDEL

DJ Atomika #20 vs RemoteFortress


Two indecives matchs between team mates: Atomiks against Kanbei & Sigeth against Quar. Who's gonna win? Vivi_Stem should have an easy round here against ItzKy, but what will it really be?

First big match of the 1/8 will be Sellyme vs Basile. Will Sellyme strikes again and send a lot of platinums? Will Basile be able to beat him? Let's see!

TFisher93 & TigrN will offer us an unexpected match, same for Undead vs Asep, for a quarterfinal! Two big matchs are however happening in the same time: Ultim'D against TRINDEL: which DA's gonna take the advantage on the other? And what about DJ Atomika against the surprising newcomer Remotefortress? Will DJ Atomika be able to beat him?


That's it for this recap, thanks for reading, and enjoying this second rounds fullfil of platinums and emotions!

I will see you next week for another recap, but from here, have fun on VGR!



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16/10/2019 08:45
Tough week for a lot of players ! We'll see how the tournament evolve from now. Last week before the top cut for the Team Tournament  
Thanks again Basile for your analysis of the round
17/10/2019 12:24
Encore un superbe résumé, bravo !
On prends plaisir à le lire et ça met en avant le tournoi 
Espérons que tu aies la motivation de le faire jusqu'au bout
17/10/2019 12:48
La motivation est la grâce a des commentaires comme le tien @Vivi_Stem  
Donc merci ^^
18/10/2019 18:40
Superbe résumé ! Continue comme ça ;)