End-User License Agreement

Last update: 04/21/2015

This document (as defined below “Agreement” or “Rules”) constitutes an agreement between the website, the registered users and any person using Video Games Records (“VGR”). By signing up and using the VGR website, you are verifying that you understand and accept the terms of this agreement.
We reserve the right to update this Agreement, depending on website updates. If this occurs, the agreement will be updated and all users will be informed of the changes.

Article 1 – Your account

1.1 Sign up

In order to use the different services of VGR, including score submission and forum participation, you will need to create an account.
Account are strictly personal and unique; accordingly it is prohibited to create more than one account or to submit scores from different people with the same account.

1.2 Data accuracy

You ensure that all the information supplied during registration is truthful, complete and correct. You also ensure that you don't create an account for another person without their authorization.
Your username and avatar must not include any element encouraging hate or violence and must not contain any pornographic or insulting content.

1.3 Modification and removal

VGR admin reserve the right to modify or delete portions or all data from your account if you do not respect this Agreement. If this case occurs, the user will always be warned before.
According to the French law “informatique et libertés” n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978, you have the right to access, modify and delete your personal data.

Article 2 – Making and sending scores

2.1 Score validity

To be valid, a score must exactly correspond to the format used to achieve it; including platform, game name, group name and level name.
If you have achieved your score on a compilation game (several games sold in a bundle) you must submit your score on this compilation only, not on the original games.
All submitted scores must exactly correspond to the score displayed in the game. If the game saves the score, it is the saved score that prevails over the score displayed during the game.
Submitted scores must have been achieved by you and only you. Multiplayer is prohibited. If other characters or elements controlled by computer have an impact on the score, it is forbidden to replace them by non-AI players (such as a second, inactive controller).
Developer scores or scores originally saved in the game can not be submitted as your own scores.
You must have finished the level you submit a score on.
A score value of 0 (zero) that you have not achieved yourself is prohibited.

2.2 Prohibited practices

All of the following are prohibited:

  • Cheat codes;
  • Action Replay or equivalent system;
  • Unofficial emulated games (emulated games: replicated game on a platform it had not been developed for). Official emulation (on Virtual Console [Wii] and Nintendo eShop [Wii U, 3DS]) is authorized, as well as games on console allowing backward compatibility games;
  • Continues (continuing a level after a Game Over screen) if they don't reset or lower your score;
  • Unofficial patches, mods or other game elements;
  • Modifying a game, a controller (pad), a console or a game accessory in order to improve scores or facilitate their realization;
  • In a general way, any practice which isn't integrated in the original game or which makes competition between players unfair.

2.3 Glitches usage

Glitch: A video game bug allowing the realization of unplanned gameplay, such as passing through walls or modifying timers.

The following types of glitches are prohibited:

  • Glitches that can only be realized on some versions of a game or some platforms. A glitch must be achievable by any player.
  • Glitches that freeze the timer.

As they are unexpected, glitches and their consequences are very different depending on the games so it isn't possible to define other general rules.
Any other glitch is authorized by default, unless there is a rule specified on the record page (functionality to come). All specific rules displayed on a record page are prior to the rules defined in this Agreement.
If there is no indication nor rule, you can ask an administrator for more information or inquire on the forum. It is possible that a glitch could be unknown from the VGR team and could be prohibited after a case study.

2.4 Sending proofs

At any time you may prove your scores by uploading a picture or a video displaying clearly your score and the corresponding level.
You are not required to submit proof for your score. Moreover, starting from 300 (three hundred) scores submitted on the website, you are required to maintain at least 3% (three percent) approved scores in order to submit further.
Any member is permitted to send a proof request to another member at any time if they have doubts about the legitimacy of a submission. If the proof request is justified and approved by an administrator of the website, the member which receives the request has 2 (two) weeks to provide proof. Any reported, unproven submission following this 2 week period will be deactivated and can only be reactivated if a proof is submitted and validated.
Starting from 30 (thirty) deactivated scores, a member cannot submit new scores any more.

Article 3 – Forum usage

3.1 Your account

The account used to take part in the VGR Forum is the same account you use to submit scores. It is therefore subject to article 1's rules.

3.2 Before submitting

Users are expected to utilise the search feature to seek if their subject or questions has already been discussed. You can also take a look at the list of frequently asked questions.
Take care when choosing the category as well as when choosing a title. Using brackets such as [urgent] or [request] are not welcome.
To ease readability, read your message twice and leave aside dialect or slang. Courtesy is greatly appreciated.
Do not write in bold, in color or uppercase unless it enhances reading. Some forum categories have specific, further rules. You should read these before posting.

3.3 After submitting

If you had forgotten something and nobody has answered you should use the “Edit” functionality instead of sending a new message.

3.4 Moderation

Every message sent can be edited or deleted by a member of the VGR Team if it does not comply to the rules; particularly:

  • vulgar, bawdy, nasty, provoking or racist contributions as well as discussions about illegal topics;
  • dialect or slang;
  • off topic messages;
  • inappropriate advertisement;
  • contributions affected by copyright.