Results of the first round: VGR Tournament #14

Issued by Basile

Hello everybody,

Welcome here for this recap of the results (first round), with an analysis of the next one that has already start yesterday! 

First, let's make a point on the results:

Sellyme strikes once again by beating Yoshi55 (-10) with 1.030 platinum earned, wow! Thunder Force 83 wins against Mgatmkw without winning any plat.

Basile #11 qualifies, same for [Zimer], Kanbei and Hawksley who wins without having any plat against the #8 Foxof (-1).

With few or none plat earned, Atomiks, PMniac #15, TFisher93, Kirito3107 and TigrN win their matchs.

With the help of his partner Bradon D. in the last seconds, Yuri wins against Dark Eon Master #10 in one of the biggest match of this first round, by 2 plats. Zephyraz #3, Vivi_Stem, ItzKy and Pest #21 win easily their fights, so as Undead #16, Asep, Bradon D. #32 and Mike-Soad.

GTi that was winning easily his first round against Falckenhaus loose finaly at the end on account of the fight opposing Smoka #5 to ThePandaEmperor. This duel intensified strongly in the last hours of the tournament, and it's ThePandaEmperor that wins at the end with 151 plats versus 124 for Smoka. Congratulations to them! The platinums that TPE earned on Bejeweled stars were super effective against Smoka.

Sigeth and Vgrz win without earning any plat, whereas MBAcymru wins with 2 platinums. DJ Atomika #20 also wins with 5 plats, when Ultim'D wins against monsterarceus (-7).

For the biggest matchs of this first round, the favorite Happykid #1 wins not without difficulty with +54 against Djon #17 who gets 20 plats. Quar eliminate Markanid with a lead of 21 plats in a B2H match. TRINDEL wins barely at the end with 3 plats more than is opponent Muik.

To watch also, two new players that made a huge print on this first round: Gessy, with 51 plats earned thanks to Pokemon Go and RemoteFortress (+23). We will see what they are capable to do next! 


Let's focus now on the Team Tournament:

SM loose their first match (-35) against Nh, when RS also loose their first round against SWOLF in the C pool. In the others pools, without surprise, B2H & SEGA win their first round, whereas CS (thanks to Sellyme) & NO win also win their first round.

The match between RS and SM will be the match to follow next week, because it will eliminate the loosing team! Good luck to all the teams!


Let's check the duel of the 2nd round now (in blue, headliners that are still in the tournament):

Sellyme vs ThunderForce 83

Basile #11 vs Hawksley

Zimer vs Kanbei

Atomiks vs PMniac #15

TFisher93 vs Kirito3107

TigrN vs Yuri

Zephyraz #3 vs ItzKy

Falckenhaus vs Vivi_Stem

Pest #21 vs Undead #16

Asep vs Bradon D. #32

Mike-Soad vs Sigeth

Happykid #1 vs Quar

Ultim D' #6 vs Gessy

TRINDEL vs ThePandaEmperor

Vgrz vs DJ Atomika #20

MBAcymru vs RemoteFortress


We have some great matchs this round, with some to follow, such as: Pest vs Undead, TRINDEL vs ThePandaEmperor, Happykid vs Quar, Atomiks vs PMniac.

Who's gonna win ? Is Ultim'D gonna win against Gessy? Will Sellyme send once again a full train of platinums? Will we have some surprises? 

We will know that soon enough!

Good luck to all of you, have fun while playing!



I am also reminding you that you can participate to the FAQ of VGR. If you have any questions about VGR, on the new version, about everything... Feel free to ask, or to be here the day it will happen. More details here:



09/10/2019 21:44
I love this beautiful summary! Thanks Basile  
10/10/2019 09:22
Thanls again for this summary, really nice to read  
But I think you forgot to talk about the Pool D in the team tournament  
10/10/2019 10:04
Thanks for this nice summary.  
10/10/2019 10:35
Since someone forgot that Pool D exists I'll bring news that DA and RG² also won their matches.

Yuri was not the only one getting help from Bradon D. He also helped Vivi_Stem and pushed ThePandaEmperor just out of my reach in the last hour. So good team play there.

Speaking of Yuri, he posted a score in the last moments, but I guess once noticing he had enough to win against Dark Eon Master with the help from Bradon D, Yuri or someone else deleted that score soon after. Probably to save it for the next round. I think it's not cool and abusing their admin powers.
10/10/2019 12:07
I will make investigations, because this is not respectful, and abusing.
10/10/2019 12:26
Woops, I have no idea why, but the pool D does not showed up on my phone.
Thanks for the correction @Smoka.
Besides, DA gets a great victory, so I obviously make a mistake not writing anything about the pool D... Sorry

I missed Vivi_Stem helped, but noticed the one against you.
I judged it no fair-play since the fight between two of you was really fair play before this. But think it was not apropriate to open a debate about this on the news.

What you say next is totaly inapropriate and I will try to find out what really happened.
I will send you a PM soon enough.
10/10/2019 13:21
It's really cool to have this comment about the tournament : it brings the tournament to life 

I'd try to play with fair play and I'll make sure nobody helps me for the member tournament.
13/10/2019 17:51
I tried to don't lose my match against someone who is inactive, so that's now against someone who is active but I'm pretty sure I can win my match O:-) However nice recap !