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2019-12-15 14:04:22  
i will be uploading all my new proofs via videos once the new update for the site goes live, this showing saturn in video along with what version it is also i will be doing a few videos in a series of sega rally videos including the differences between regions, fastest laps, best routes, gear ratios and all other things sega rally championship related.

as for the debunk part of the post this is refering to sega rally championship pal sega saturn,

so after severval attempts of finding out how the hell remotefortress got a 2:26 and 2:27 second time on sega rally on saturn, it peaked my intrest and alot of other people on here too, as nobody has ever in the history of the game posted up a 2:27 time for desert let alone a 2:26 time, yet in 2 different attempts and dropping 0.70 of a second in 1 race and then another 0.50 in second attempt something clearly is off. so after a discussion with a fellow member last night, (wont be named) here is what i been working on to show something is not 100% official for this run the video at the bottom goes through a few things including screen size ratio borders, using mine his and other people videos of the internet as more proof

1st off i also show and hear the smoking audio in the replay of the championship run for desert, that in the proofs for the game it shows it as a 2nd fastest time, which means this version was used for the record time for arcade 1 lap run (this audio file is not on the pal version of the game), which he says he is using, but also shows older video footage on channel showing and stating using netlink edition.

also not once is the saturn ever shown in any video or any screen shot(this is why i said in admin post that something from the console or controller needs to be in picture in atleast 1 proof) this has been ask by a fellow member of the site too have i ever seen a console in a video of picture, but i wont name names.

the proofs are all practically identical in colour but specifically these 2 are completly different colour of brown, if you check all other proofs there is always an off colour brown, but all proofs have same lighter colour brown

the biggest one though to me is that the pc version is fatser than the saturn version, but also identical aswell, so what you can practically produce on 1 you can tranfer to the other, yet again the pc time is is a 2:29:84 and not even breaking into the 48 second lap times. this is a wooping 3 seconds slower than the alleged time on the saturn. yet other records with the celica and delta the desert track shows an improvement of a faster time, so its not from not knowing the track.

anyway here is video, because at 1st i thought it could be using netlink edition which he owns and being played on the pal saturn, which messes around with the timer, but also thought it could just be emulation seeing as the colours from the records screens dont match up to his others or anyone elses.

no run is ever done live its always a replay, which if done on emulation would be easy to reload save states to a faster part of the run or with cheats enabled, etc,

also when originally asked about this in forum, as soon as mentioned emulation the argument ended in an instant. I have asked for official proof showing a live run with the game the console the boot up and doing a run live and hitting a 2:27 time and i would appolagize straight away, but got told no im not doing that.

but i also know that a reply would be why would i cheat or anything look at all the records i have i have no need to cheat, sega rally was in 1 of the first records you went for and focused on.

also i added 2 records which i used cheats for and posted up in the game to show a faster time and the jump in time in massive . which i told and showed an  admin member about with the proofs of the records and differences, just to see what would happen and 2 days later these times where beaten again, but again according to him no cheats where used and didnt even know there was cheats in the game, even though every body who plays the game knows about the cheats way back in 1997 and a quick google search will tell you everything

anyway now that its out in the open for all to see im done with this topic competly,  thanks for checking out and watching, im sure there will be question for this but everything i got to say is in video or here, like it or hate it, im not really bothered, but if is using emulation then something needs to happen just like everyone else, if is using a different version on pal console to manipulate times then needs to be addressed or added to its own PAL/NTSC section.

thanks have a great day


2019-12-15 17:19:24  
No, I would like to see proof for the records you are claiming specifically the ones I have requested on the site, because I know these are not possible.

Do not try to buy time by promising evidence later, it looks to me like you either do not have these times at all and just made them up, or you have cheated somehow to get them. Since you like posting videos and have asked for so many from me, I would prefer these in video form as well please.

All my records for Saturn on VGR are PAL 100%. Guaranteed.

I am no cheater, I have proved myself over and over, everything you asked for apart from recording myself live on camera, I have given you, and debunked all the issues you had. Now you are grasping and straws and once again showing you do not have the knowledge you think you have.

- Netlink Edition speed is measured in MPH. PAL and Japanese in KPH, so you can rule out Netlink Edition for a start.

- Borders. I use an upscaling device for all my retro consoles. A framemeister mostly, I already told you this in a PM. This means I can manipulate the vertical and horizontal axis of the picture to stretch it on either axis to my preferred setting. So if a PAL game has borders at the edges it is possible to stretch the picture out so the borders disappear. Now this is obviously a manual setting and changes from game to game and console to console, so it needs adjusting ideally every game. So the fact my videos might have borders on some and others do not just means I didn't adjust it again to suit Sega Rally perfectly, as it's set for another game. So yes the ratios probably are different in my videos. It means nothing.

You are plugging your RGB scart directly into the TV in your videos, that is why you are getting full screen 4:3 stretched to 16:9 on you TV. You can't compare that with videos from an upscaler, nor can you compare with videos from a capture card which you have done, as who knows what setting are used in that setup complicating things further.

- Smokin' sound not in PAL. Actually it is, there are 2 versions released in PAL territory, the later has fixes. The original disc has a clear plastic centre piece, the later version has a black plastic centre piece. Stop spreading disinformation.

- Cheats. You are talking about Hyper Car for Arcade mode, which is supposed to slide less. Accessible by holding down certain buttons on the Car select screen. I have tested this and I find it inferior. The car looks identical and is the exact same speed, just slightly different handling, so it would be hard to prove this either way. However, it does not work on Stratos, and not for anything in Time Trial. So you can't claim I used that on my very best Time Trial records.

You claim in your video you used this for the Stratos to debunk my last corner on Desert. How when it doesn't work on the Stratos or Time Trial? You are digging a hole you cant get out of here, slandering me with false information. You say you sat for 2 or 3 hours trying the last corner and you could not do it. 2 or 3 hours is nothing for the practice required to reach the level required to control the Stratos properly. If i was to play it now after a couple of months off it would take me somewhere around 20-30 hours to get back to that level. I would be lucky if I broke my Desert record in an entire weekend. It is extremely difficult. So do not tell me you tried for 3 hours and could not do it so it must be fake.

My friends told me months ago to just leave it, that you just couldn't take the beating, but I decided to try set things straight, out of respect to you, VGR, Sega Rally and all the other players competing. I thought you would be convinced finally with multiple videos recorded just for you, I gave you everything you asked for, no delay no excuses, and yet you still can't let it go.

I even downloaded Model 2 and recorded it (realtime live playing) from the computer with Nvidia, (just for you) and sent you the link to it on my channel, showing you I was faster by 0.8 seconds on Desert than the video you uploaded claiming a possible world record. It is very similar to the Stratos Desert record I have, it shows perfectly my skill level at Sega Rally, but you didn't even reply or acknowledge it. You don't want to accept the truth.

I will not be competing in Sega Rally any longer (sorry to those supporting me), you win with fake times.

I am surprised and disappointed you behave this way being a member of the VGR team,

How ironic this situation is, the man calling me a cheater was himself the cheater in the end.

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2019-12-17 08:52:16 - Last edit the 2019-12-17 09:02:15  
So now that I called you out properly you have now decided to never do sega rally again. Convinient.

Again for smoking sound I went through every single audio file on disk, not there.

If I just wanted to post fake score why would you still be beating me on a few, I'd take everything not leave a few. Plus there where 2 other people who where beating me in some levels, so why didn't I go after them aswell hell Hugh (gwp) still faster than me in desert stratos mt

So in previous post you said you didn't even know cheats where in the game, but now you give specifics about what cheats do.

Dude you can pick up sega rally if you know what your doing in about 5 races not 20 30 hours, if your good at it and clearly you are, so a constant 2/3 hours in a lap that is 48-49 seconds long is a hell of alot of laps, but as soon as activated grip cheat I done it first time,

As for stratos or time trial not working for cheats is complete bs, as I said i couldn't get near a time of yours for a specific car and track, added the cheat and I practically matched it in 2attempts, and the jump from non cheat to cheat is practically the same jump you got for your desert 2:27 and 2:26

As I have always done I do my shit live over the shoulder, yours is replays, that would never ever be accepted in any other gaming site, because you can always cheat to get replay. But nobody has ever done that right.......

So admit to messing with Borders for your upscale but that still won't mess with colours on records screen.

I have the game down and even know in milliseconds if I'm behind or infront of my times, I prove this in practically all of my video live you hear me chatting in.

Hay nice vids of cutting the last jump and heading onto the grass, wonder who you learnt that from to earn that extra 0.47 faster time hmmmmm how would I know exactly the time gained.

Want a tip for desert to get faster hit the last but 1 corner if hit right to give u a little boost just like the cars in arcade mode.

And again what you do on saturn you can do on PC and vise verse, you know how I no, cos I spent time playing it and doing little things and adding it to the saturn version. Yet still your 3 seconds slower on that version than your 2:26.

If 2:26 is so easily done how come still nobody has even reached 2:27, I mean he'll it's like a second in time, even pushing everything I still and nobody else has still touched a 2:27. No speedruns no twin galaxies no world records. No random gaming site with anyone claiming a 2:27. No mysterious video in magazines not even a photo shop of a 2:27

So as said something is not right you been playing it really properly for what this 6-9 months and got an impossible time

If it's my desert is impossible why would I need time to try and reach it lmao.

Live video from start as said and offer my deepest apologies and will never again play sega rally to as I be ashamed and humiliatited to touch it

Dude I play games for real, you know in full on live tournaments in person for 2 separate teams, I have to analyse frame data to a minute detail from SFV killer instinct and MK so I know my shit, so please don't try and be like ohh I'm bitter of a freaking fast time on a game, when there are videos of me hanging a tantrum on stage in a top 8 match and losing out on real prize money, I'm sure I can take a hit on sega rally fastest time on a French video game site.

2019-12-17 13:30:56  
I see you are not finished spreading false information yet instead of proving your times.

Prove the times I have specifically requested before speaking to me about Sega Rally again. We are all waiting.

Do not talk about this site in derogatory terms, have more respect for the place and people contributing.

I know you are obsessed with the Stratos MT Desert record, so you did not take it from me when you added all the fake times, to make your case appear believable. What you did not know however is that is not my best record. You have foolishly taken what you think is a realistic looking amount of time of some of my records that are better than the one you are obsessed with. You are not going to be able to prove these. I have already told some people what to look for regarding this, but for anyone else reading this that does not know who to believe, look out for Tuned Celica MT Mountain Time Trial, 3 Laps and Fastest Lap. He has claimed to have taken a whopping 0.4 seconds off the Fastest Lap which I know cannot be done. So do not disappoint everyone and upload this incredible evidence. Like Carl Sagan once said, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

Now, this doesn't just concern me there are others interested here and have been asked to query this. How did you get so fast at Seb Loeb Rally Evo all of a sudden? My very best record in it is the SS1 Alsace France time, this was 2nd position on the Global Leaderboard for this car class, and 58th overall in all classes. You have beaten it but again no proof, and you are not on the Global Leaderboard. Did you use a faster car just to beat it? Offline? We would like to see proof of this as well please.

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2019-12-17 20:44:51 - Last edit the 2019-12-18 11:58:33  
Lmao dude really, when my time got beat and you hit you 2:28 06 or hwp his 2:28:11 did I complain no.

When you post up your 2:26 with a bullshit replay that's when it started see I already lost twice, so what the hell would I then start only after you replay which is full of shit. Like said if it's so easy to do and now claiming better times where is live footage no cheats no, bs up scaling to cover your tracks, simply camera in corner filming it all that is when this will end,

I got my proof of how I know you cheated where is yours, as for seb loeb, now that shit is hard and most of them you not even in top 150 and why would I add new scores worse than you. Makes no sense,

And now look at it look at my mountain to see I'm right bs, this all stared with the 2:26 so keep it at the 2:26 and when it's done then by all means come at me with any of my times I'm happy to do it all again, but first let's clear this one, is that alight.

Also the smoking audio is only available in NTSC - J version.

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