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2020-11-17 22:21:22  
To download the game go to the official website and make sure to download the exe version.

Console: PC

Levels (Time Spent) (Time- x:xx:xx)
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 40
Mission 41
Mission 42

2020-11-17 22:33:53  
One of my most favourite games ever.

2020-11-17 22:46:15  
Such a classic flash game, I'm glad there is a exe version so that the game won't die when flash dies. @ThePandaEmporer

2020-11-18 02:26:47 - Last edit the 2020-11-18 02:27:25  
Luckily many flash games wont die, there is a project that will enable us to play them after 2020  


2020-11-18 11:23:41  
Wow, thanks for telling me about that, I've been downloading a bunch of my favourites to have them archived it seems most if not all are on FlashPoint it looks very cool!

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