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2018-04-23 20:46:51  
The User AIRBORNFISH has posted only 2 records, but managed to post them both in the wrong place. I refused proof for one of them with a reason for the refusal, and I sent him a PM and he either didn't see them, or ignored them as he posted the same proof again and it got accepted before I saw it.

Record 1: If you compare his proof to mine, you will see that they are different. Actually, the game he plays on is a different game, here: The Record he needs to post on
Check the proof of tomgeek on there and it is the same as his.

Record 2: This time he actually posted on the right game, but on the wrong version. If you look at his proof, It says Android at the bottom. The game he posted on is the iOS Version, so he needed to post it here: The Android Version

If possible, please move the records to the right places. If not, I guess just delete his scores and PM him to post in the right spots, but he didn't listen to me the first time. I even provided Links and explained clearly why he needed to post it in the correct location.

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2018-04-25 08:43:10  
OK i send a email to with giving him the URL of this topic.

2018-05-17 19:58:32  
I think it is safe to say he isn't coming back to fix this, so could you manually move his records to the right spot?

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2019-01-18 14:04:32  
DEM, I hope your problem was solved.

Now, I have another request for admins, concerning Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain.
UndeadLight posted 1 score in the bad place.

Like I already explained in the game's topic Help and rules for prooving, in "No rectriction" mode, if people send a picture just after the end of the level, red lines should appear for this mode.
There is not this red line in the proof sent by Undeadlight here (mission 12).

So his record should be moved here (mission 12, rank restriction applied).
I also wrote him a PM, to avoid any other mistake like that.

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