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2017-08-07 21:31:37  
Game: Pinball FX2
Platform: PC

New charts to the Group: Highscores (+)

Alien vs. Predator Pinball
Alien: Isolation Pinball
Aliens Pinball
American Dad! Pinball
Archer Pinball
Bob's Burgers Pinball
DOOM® Pinball
Fallout® Pinball
Family Guy Pinball
Marvel's Women of Power: A-Force
Marvel's Women of Power: Champions
Portal ®
South Park: Super Sweet Pinball
South Park: Butters' Very Own Pinball Game
Star Wars™ Pinball: Might of the First Order
Star Wars™ Pinball: Rogue One™
Star Wars™ Pinball: The Force Awakens™
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Pinball

2017-08-08 05:17:01  
Also available on Windows 10. (Microsoft Store link)

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2017-08-18 11:17:23  
Done, topic archived.

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