Piano Tiles - Don't Tap The White Tile

Piano Tiles - Don't Tap The White Tile
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Piano Tiles iOS - Classic (25): 2.834"


1 records proved with this video


22/05/2014 10:16
Just... wow !
22/05/2014 11:36
That's impressive.

YAre you very very very quick or did you just tap without thinking and you were very very lucky  ?
22/05/2014 13:19
When I'm warmed up, I actually go about this fast. I tap upon reaction to seeing what's coming next.
22/05/2014 18:05
This is amazing. and to think there are better times just for that day... I cannot imagine how fast the 1st Place Worldwide has to tap to get that time... Well, There is no way I am beating you.  
22/05/2014 19:51
You're very very quick. It's very impressive.

I don't know how you can be so fast oO

Moreover, there was no long chains of black tiles to touch very fast.

I can be so fast to touch the screen, but in these conditions where we see only the next three tiles, I am unable.

Very good game, you are a god on this game :)
11/07/2017 01:01
I currently have the record in this category, impressive time though
28/09/2017 18:53
Ive done 2.717