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Online - Dark Eon Master (Fox) vs Lucario (Ganondorf) - Match 6



27/02/2012 23:56
haha the funny thing is this was not Dark Eon Master.  
28/02/2012 00:26
ummm... That was actually me...  
28/02/2012 03:44
It is you Kid Power?

Are you her brother?
28/02/2012 04:44
I Looked at this and I was happy to see you recorded a match between us, but I didn't remember Playing this... Then My Brother told me that This was that one match he played when I had to answer the Door (dragon eon slayer wanted to hang out). He forgot to change the Name, I think. And Yes, Flower Power and Kid Power are my little Siblings so Kid Power is the Brother of Flower Power, To answer your Question.  
28/02/2012 05:04
It explains everything. I had mistaken the two. Want I apologize. I go to ask the correction for this video.
28/02/2012 06:16
Its ok. It is not your fault. We should Play again sometime and I will do My best to make sure that If someone else plays, that they input their Name.
28/02/2012 18:04
That's perfect Dark Eon Master! It is when you want.
29/02/2012 07:54
I Might have time Later Today, which should be around 8PM your Time... I will message you later on to see when might be a better time if not at this time.