New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros.
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New Super Mario Bros. DS 1-1 WR Proof



31/03/2012 19:22
Excuse-me PMniac. But, your video is placed upside down. We see the letters and numbers backwards. Also, you must to ask a suppression a video. Because, your video have been to charge in doubt.
31/03/2012 19:44
Well I did a print screen and inverted it on horizontal on mspaint and then it's able to see :P
31/03/2012 20:39
Let's say this kind of video is unusual. I am completely at the time reached because the image is inverted to give a feeling that does not understand what we see. But I knew the name I saw in the back of the video game. Because I recognized his pocket. Except that it is hard to see the time achieved on this video. Is it 630 or 360 seconds?
31/03/2012 21:05
@ Lucario, It says 390 backwards. I paused it at the right time to see.
31/03/2012 21:12
31/03/2012 21:14
This was hard to do, but with hard work everything is achieved ;)
01/04/2012 06:03
You have probably not intended. He had not known that his or her device camera was filming your actions in the direction opposed. Nevertheless, anyone would question the result. In any case, it must be a good time.
01/04/2012 11:35 - Edited the 01/04/2012 11:47
*His ;)
This was my sister's DS
I have another grey DS Phat, a white DS lite, and a red 3DS