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2017-08-17 03:33:09  
Name: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Plateform: PS4

Crash Bandicoot Time Trial (x:xx:xx -)
N. Sanity Beach
Jungle Rollers
The Great Gate
Rolling Stones
Hog Wild
Native Fortress
Up The Creek
The Lost City
Temple Ruins
Road To Nowhere
Boulder Dash
Whole Hog
Sunset Vista
Heavy Machinery
Cortex Power
Generator Room
Toxic Waste
The High Road
Slippery Climb
Lights Out
Fumbling In The Dark
Jaws Of Darkness
Castle Machinery
The Lab

Crash Bandicoot Time Trial (DLC) (x:xx:xx -)
Stormy Ascent

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Time Trial (x:xx:xx -)
Turtle Woods
Snow Go
Hang Eight
The Pits
Crash Dash
Snow Biz
Air Crash
Bear It
Crash Crush
The Eal Deal
Plant Food
Sewer Or Later
Bear Down
Road To Ruin
Hangin' Out
Diggin' It
Cold Hard Crash
Piston It Away
Rock It
Night Fight
Pack Attack
Spaced Out
Totally Bear
Totally Fly

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Time Trial (x:xx:xx -)
Toad Village
Under Pressure
Orient Express
Bone Yard
Gee Wiz
Hang'Em High
Hog Ride
Tomb Time
Midnight Run
Dino Might!
Deep Trouble
High Time
Road Crash
Double Header
Bye Bye Blimps
Tell No Tales
Future Frenzy
Tomb Wader
Gone Tomorrow
Orange Asphalt
Flaming Passion
Mad Bombers
Bug Lite
Ski Crazed
Area 51?
Rings Of Power
Hot Coco
Eggipus Rex

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2017-08-17 07:41:32  
Merci xdman !  

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