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2018-12-02 02:59:25 - Last edit the 2018-12-05 14:57:41  
Game: A Hat in Time
Platforms: PS4, XboxOne, PC

Category: Chapter 2 - Battle of The Birds (integer, higher better)
Murder on the Owl Express
Picture Perfect
Train Rush
The Big Parade
DJ Grooves

Category: Death Wishes (time faster better, xx:xx.xxx)
Beat The Heat
So You're Back From Outer Space
Rift Collapse: Mafia Of Cooks
Collect-A-Thon - Time
Collect-A-Thon - Score (integer, less better)
Vault Codes In The Wind
She Speedran From Outer Space
Mafia's Jumps - Time
Mafia's Jumps - Score (integer, less better)
Encore! Encore!
Security Breach
Rift Collapse: Dead Bird Studio
10 Seconds to Self-Destruct
The Great Big Hootenanny
Community Rift: Rhythm Jump Studio
Killing Two Birds
Speedrun Well
Rift Collapse: Sleepy Subcon
Community Rift: Twilight Travels
Quality Time with Snatcher
Breaching The Contract
Boss Rush
Bird Sanctuary
Rift Collapse: Alpine Skyline
Community Rift: The Mountain Rift
The Illness has Speedrun
Wound-up Windmill
Rift Collapse: Deep Sea
Cruisin' For a Bruisin' (integer, higher better)
The Mustache Gauntlet
Seal The Deal
Stamps (integer, higher better)

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