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2020-01-04 01:18:37 - Last edit the 2020-01-04 01:30:14  
I think Data Wing should have a Best Lap category - or at least have it considered again - which would contain the tracks 8-track, Tiny Universe, Wave Lair, Sea Change, Chemtrails and Kawaii. I posted in the wrong section before in the general Data wing forum. There was one reply with the following points that I dont think are entirely fair

"- the main goal of these tracks is a global time, that's why they are called "Endurance" category"
Not entirely true as of the 6 tracks mentioned, only 3 are "Endurance" category (WL, Chem, Kw).
The global time is the only thing saved at the end and viewable from the menu but there are categories with goals that focus on individual laps, this category is called "Hot Laps" which applies to Tiny Universe and Sea Change. Sea Change is mislabelled as "Round trip" when it is a Hot Lap track, you can see my run on speedrun.com is 10 minutes long but the laps are 7 seconds because the goal is just "Complete 5 Laps" and you can restart after a lap as many times and your previous lap times arent erased. "Round trip" also applies to 8-track however there was no restart button implemented. Tiny Universe is the main "Hot Laps" track as it is "Finish 3 laps that are under X seconds" and you can restart after completing a lap and that lap time wont be erased. Granted the only thing saved in the menu is the global time. Regardless, why does that matter? Each lap time is displayed and even your fastest lap is highlighted in yellow.

"- if you add best laps for 5 tracks, it gives them double importance, compare to others"
Fair point

"- lap time appears only at the end of the total race, if you complete the hardest goal"
This is only true for the 3rd lap on only 3 of the 6 mentioned tracks (WL, Chem, Kw). However it is easily avoidable. You have 3 laps on WL and Chem, lap time is displayed after you finish a lap. Do your lap attempt on 1st or 2nd lap, if you fail then restart. Kawaii has 5 laps so you can attempt up to 5th lap then restart. Also screen recording is too easily available on smartphones nowadays to dismiss. Plenty of them on the android store and iOS has a built-in recorder.

"- lap times are not saved in the game, so if people ask for proofs many weeks/months/years after, it will be harder to proove
- the simplest way to proove a record is the main menu, where best times are written"
Sure that is the simplest way to prove a record but it's still pretty simple to screenshot your time after you've driven your lap. screen recording is also simple too as i mentioned earlier. I know it's cheap to compare to other vgr games but Shatterbrain recently had a category added where that category is not saved in the game.

I think at the very least the track Tiny Universe should have its Hot Lap category added, as that is the only track where it explicitly states that the individual lap time is the goal not the course time.

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2020-01-12 13:06:16  
So what should we do here? I played Data wing and I would like this to be here but we need the feedback of other players.

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2020-01-13 10:59:18 - Last edit the 2020-01-14 10:05:15  
I repeat here that I don't think it's necessary to add the best laps, for the same reasons you mentioned.
In other terms, for these 6 tracks, the goal is precisely to repeat laps, and to be the best as possible for all these laps. It is a kind of endurance challenge, harder than to be faster on 1 lap only.
If you add Best lap category, you should do it with these 6 tracks, and not only one (Tiny Universe).

But now, if other people want add Best lap category, I'm not opposed to this.
You should contact them, they have to require it here, let's make a poll...

For: quar, Yuri, ThePandaEmperor
Against: zephyraz
Unknown: TheRubyMoon (Bradon D), Antonin ZeKing, Gyrule_TMT

If 1 other people want the add, we will respect what majority wants.

2020-01-13 18:47:36  
I vote to add the best lap category for these 6 tracks  

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