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2018-07-21 17:45:47 - Last edit the 2018-11-08 00:19:19  

After playing the Game for some time again, i was wondering why we have only 49 Scores per "Let's combine" section, because there 50 Recipes.

I found out that "Omelet" and "Rice in Omelet" have the same combined Name "Omelet Rice bowl". So i think after adding the Game to the site was a bit lacking of Information about the Game.
So if we have the same Name, we can add something to see what scoreboard is the right one.

Even better: there a small difference in the Picture, so it is possible to see the difference wich one was played, but you need to take a picture of both screens:


(Rice in Omelet)

And here you see, that Rice in Omelet is slightly bigger and darker (also see the shadow on the right side of the bowl)

There would be no changed needed if both Minigame Lines are the same, but they different.

Because of that, i ask for adding and Change the scoreboard.

For Boiled rice
-Omelet rice bowl (unfilled)
-Omelet rice bowl (filled)

For Chicken rice
-Omelet Chicken rice (unfilled)
-Omelet Chicken rice (filled)

For Fried rice
-Omelet fried rice (unfilled)
-Omelet fried rice (filled)

For Pork curry and rice
-Omelet & curry rice (unfilled)
-Omelet & curry rice (filled)

For Soba
-Omelet over soba (unfilled)
-Omelet over soba (filled)

For Spaghetti Neapolitan
-Omelet & Spaghetti (unfilled)
-Omelet & Spaghetti (filled)

For Udon
-Omelet over udon (unfilled)
-Omelet over udon (filled)

if you have a better idea to differ them as filled or unfilled, feel free to add your idea. Im just a little angry about how bad this Game was added to vgr. Lack of Information, typos ect. but ppl played until the end without say anything  

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2018-11-08 00:16:02  
is it possible that this adds can be done this year?

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