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2020-01-22 13:39:04 - Last edit the 2020-01-22 13:45:44  
I played resently a Game called "Maya the Bee: Sweet Gold" on GBA. First of all: this Game is great, made by one of the best Game Developers "Shin'en" (they made Games like Fast Racing Neo, Nanostray, Nano Assault, The Touryst, Iridion, ect.).

This Game has a Score System. After beating a Level, you can Play it in "Arcade" Mode, where you have to get all small or/and all big Flowers in the Level and reach the Goal. It Plays alot like Yoshi's Island, but instead of having a High Score at the end, the Games goes "reverse", showing you how many Flowers in the Level and if you get them all, the Flower counter reach Zero.

Beginning of the Level: (you see the nulber of Big and Small Flowers in this Level)
Level Start

Goal of a Level (You see Zero on both Flower counts)
Level End

And if you get them all, the Game Shows it like this:
got all small and big flowers

And if not:
X = you still need to get them all

So my Question is: how do we can Play this Game for score? The Game does not Show any number of the Level Name and the choosen Level only pulsing back and fort (getting smaller bigger, hard to see on a Picture)

My idea was first to only use a Picture at the end of the Level before finishing it(like the "Level End" Picture), to use the numbers left on the Screen, but you have to know the Level to know how the end looks like to appove it later.

Edit: this scores are not cumulative, because, if you miss one Flower and finish the Level(or die), you have to get them all again (like in Yoshi's Island)

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