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2018-05-17 19:55:49 - Last edit the 2018-05-17 19:57:07  
The user marco.bs plays Piano Tiles on the Android version but has posted on the iOS version by mistake. If you look at all his records together in one page, you can compare his scores and see that his scores on iOS match his scores on Android. He already posted all his scores on Android, so all that is left to do is:
-copy the only proof he has on the iOS version (This proof shows that he plays on Android)
-add the proof to the same score on the Android version
-Delete all of his records on the iOS version

This also reminds me that the possible reason for all the confusion may be due to the names being different on VGR for the same game, although for different versions.
I made a topic about it here: [Rename] Don't Tap The White Tile

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