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Luigi's Mansion 2 / Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
(called 2 in Europe /Australia and Dark Moon in North America)
Platform: 3DS

Fastest Clear Time are h:mm:ss (-)
Most Ghost Captured and Most Treasure Collected are Score (+)
Least Health Lost are Score (-)

1. Gloomy Manor
A-1 Poltergust 5000 – Fastest Clear Time
A-1 Poltergust 5000 – Most Ghosts Captured
A-1 Poltergust 5000 – Least Health Lost
A-1 Poltergust 5000 – Most Treasure Collected
A-2 Gear Up – Fastest Clear Time
A-2 Gear Up – Most Ghosts Captured
A-2 Gear Up – Least Health Lost
A-2 Gear Up – Most Treasure Collected
A-3 Quiet Please – Fastest Clear Time
A-3 Quiet Please – Most Ghosts Captured
A-3 Quiet Please – Least Health Lost
A-3 Quiet Please – Most Treasure Collected
A-4 Visual Tricks – Fastest Clear Time
A-4 Visual Tricks – Most Ghosts Captured
A-4 Visual Tricks – Least Health Lost
A-4 Visual Tricks – Most Treasure Collected
A-5 Sticky Situation – Fastest Clear Time
A-5 Sticky Situation – Most Ghosts Captured
A-5 Sticky Situation – Least Health Lost
A-5 Sticky Situation – Most Treasure Collected
A-Boss Confront the Source – Fastest Clear Time
A-Boss Confront the Source – Most Ghosts Captured
A-Boss Confront the Source – Least Health Lost
A-Boss Confront the Source – Most Treasure Collected
A-Bonus Gradual Infiltration – Fastest Clear Time
A-Bonus Gradual Infiltration – Most Ghosts Captured
A-Bonus Gradual Infiltration – Least Health Lost
A-Bonus Gradual Infiltration – Most Treasure Collected

2. Haunted Towers
B-1 A Job for a Plumber – Fastest Clear Time
B-1 A Job for a Plumber – Most Ghosts Captured
B-1 A Job for a Plumber – Least Health Lost
B-1 A Job for a Plumber – Most Treasure Collected
B-2 The Pinwheel Gate – Fastest Clear Time
B-2 The Pinwheel Gate – Most Ghosts Captured
B-2 The Pinwheel Gate – Least Health Lost
B-2 The Pinwheel Gate – Most Treasure Collected
B-3 Graveyard Shift – Fastest Clear Time
B-3 Graveyard Shift – Most Ghosts Captured
B-3 Graveyard Shift – Least Health Lost
B-3 Graveyard Shift – Most Treasure Collected
B-4 Pool Party – Fastest Clear Time
B-4 Pool Party – Most Ghosts Captured
B-4 Pool Party – Least Health Lost
B-4 Pool Party – Most Treasure Collected
B-5 Doggone Key – Fastest Clear Time
B-5 Doggone Key – Most Ghosts Captured
B-5 Doggone Key – Least Health Lost
B-5 Doggone Key – Most Treasure Collected
B-Boss Tree Topping – Fastest Clear Time
B-Boss Tree Topping – Most Ghosts Captured
B-Boss Tree Topping – Least Health Lost
B-Boss Tree Topping – Most Treasure Collected
B-Bonus Hostile Intrusion – Fastest Clear Time
B-Bonus Hostile Intrusion – Most Ghosts Captured
B-Bonus Hostile Intrusion – Least Health Lost
B-Bonus Hostile Intrusion – Most Treasure Collected

3. Old Clockworks
C-1 A Timely Entrance – Fastest Clear Time
C-1 A Timely Entrance – Most Ghosts Captured
C-1 A Timely Entrance – Least Health Lost
C-1 A Timely Entrance – Most Treasure Collected
C-2 Underground Expedition – Fastest Clear Time
C-2 Underground Expedition – Most Ghosts Captured
C-2 Underground Expedition – Least Health Lost
C-2 Underground Expedition – Most Treasure Collected
C-3 Roundhouse Brawl – Fastest Clear Time
C-3 Roundhouse Brawl – Most Ghosts Captured
C-3 Roundhouse Brawl – Least Health Lost
C-3 Roundhouse Brawl – Most Treasure Collected
C-4 Play Catch – Fastest Clear Time
C-4 Play Catch – Most Ghosts Captured
C-4 Play Catch – Least Health Lost
C-4 Play Catch – Most Treasure Collected
C-5 Piece at Last – Fastest Clear Time
C-5 Piece at Last – Most Ghosts Captured
C-5 Piece at Last – Least Health Lost
C-5 Piece at Last – Most Treasure Collected
C-Boss Showtime – Fastest Clear Time
C-Boss Showtime – Most Ghosts Captured
C-Boss Showtime – Least Health Lost
C-Boss Showtime – Most Treasure Collected
C-Bonus Outlandish Interruption – Fastest Clear Time
C-Bonus Outlandish Interruption – Most Ghosts Captured
C-Bonus Outlandish Interruption – Least Health Lost
C-Bonus Outlandish Interruption – Most Treasure Collected

4. Secret Mine
D-1 Cold Case – Fastest Clear Time
D-1 Cold Case – Most Ghosts Captured
D-1 Cold Case – Least Health Lost
D-1 Cold Case – Most Treasure Collected
D-2 Hit Rock Bottom – Fastest Clear Time
D-2 Hit Rock Bottom – Most Ghosts Captured
D-2 Hit Rock Bottom – Least Health Lost
D-2 Hit Rock Bottom – Most Treasure Collected
D-3 Across the Chasm – Fastest Clear Time
D-3 Across the Chasm – Most Ghosts Captured
D-3 Across the Chasm – Least Health Lost
D-3 Across the Chasm – Most Treasure Collected
D-Boss Chilly Ride – Fastest Clear Time
D-Boss Chilly Ride – Most Ghosts Captured
D-Boss Chilly Ride – Least Health Lost
D-Boss Chilly Ride – Most Treasure Collected
D-Bonus Severe Infestation – Fastest Clear Time
D-Bonus Severe Infestation – Most Ghosts Captured
D-Bonus Severe Infestation – Least Health Lost
D-Bonus Severe Infestation – Most Treasure Collected

5. Treacherous Mansion
E-1 Front-Door Key – Fastest Clear Time
E-1 Front-Door Key – Most Ghosts Captured
E-1 Front-Door Key – Least Health Lost
E-1 Front-Door Key – Most Treasure Collected
E-2 Double Trouble – Fastest Clear Time
E-2 Double Trouble – Most Ghosts Captured
E-2 Double Trouble – Least Health Lost
E-2 Double Trouble – Most Treasure Collected
E-3 A Train to Catch – Fastest Clear Time
E-3 A Train to Catch – Most Ghosts Captured
E-3 A Train to Catch – Least Health Lost
E-3 A Train to Catch – Most Treasure Collected
E-4 Ambush Maneuver – Fastest Clear Time
E-4 Ambush Maneuver – Most Ghosts Captured
E-4 Ambush Maneuver – Least Health Lost
E-4 Ambush Maneuver – Most Treasure Collected
E-5 Paranormal Chaos – Fastest Clear Time
E-5 Paranormal Chaos – Most Ghosts Captured
E-5 Paranormal Chaos – Least Health Lost
E-5 Paranormal Chaos – Most Treasure Collected
E-Boss Stop the Knightmare – Fastest Clear Time
E-Boss Stop the Knightmare – Most Ghosts Captured
E-Boss Stop the Knightmare – Least Health Lost
E-Boss Stop the Knightmare – Most Treasure Collected
E-Final A Nightmare To Remember – Fastest Clear Time
E-Final A Nightmare To Remember – Most Ghosts Captured
E-Final A Nightmare To Remember – Least Health Lost
E-Final A Nightmare To Remember – Most Treasure Collected
E-Bonus Terrifying Invasion – Fastest Clear Time
E-Bonus Terrifying Invasion – Most Ghosts Captured
E-Bonus Terrifying Invasion – Least Health Lost
E-Bonus Terrifying Invasion – Most Treasure Collected

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2013-03-29 17:22:06  
Added. This game will be available soon on VGR.

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2013-03-31 18:34:57  
Oh I do not think there would be as many scores^^

2013-03-31 19:31:50  
This should probably be renamed so it has both names, much like rumble blast was

2013-04-07 11:46:14  
Thank you for the quick addition.

There are two edits that need to be done though:

The final mission has different names in EU/US, it is the only one from what I have seen. (And it is also in its own level not in the 5th mansion)
So the 4 charts that are currently called "5. Treacherous Mansion - E-Final A Nightmare To Remember" should be renamed to "6. King Boo’s Illusion - Shatter The Illusion / A Nightmare to Remember".

This 2 charts must be deleted because it's not possible to capture a ghost or any money in this mission:

Other charts of the Most Ghost Captured group might need to get deleted too but I don't know the ruling on VGR so maybe someone can clear that up?
In A-1 your objective is to capture all 6 ghosts and it won't end until you have caught them all. Same goes for A-Boss, D-Boss, E-Boss and the final mission there is only 1 ghost to catch, the boss  and you need to catch him to end the mission.

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2013-04-07 13:45:31  
We can also create a new group for the biggest catch of each type of ghost

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2013-04-07 20:46:18  
That's motivating me to buy this game =D

2013-04-07 21:39:20  

PMniac :

That's motivating me to buy this game =D

Im 50/50 on buying it, the first one was pretty good and the Chauncey fight is one of the creepiest boss battles in video games

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2013-04-07 22:18:04  
Does the game have 3 save files? Like New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D Land.

2013-04-07 22:20:44  
Yes it has 3 save files.

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2019-03-15 20:30:18  
Hey guys. I have discovered some interesting things about the Most Treasure Collected inside EACH LEVEL! There are theoretical maxes that I have been looking through to see how much G's you can get at maximum in each level. I will post the results soon enough as I just need to type it out below. This is what I have discovered:

A-1: 1,819/9,999 G
A-2: 9,999 G
A-3: 9,999 G
A-4: 9,999 G
A-5: 9,999 G
A-GI: 9,999 G
A-CtS: 226 G

B-1: 1,780 G
B-2: 2,733 G
B-3: 2,317 G
B-4: 2,280 G
B-5: 1,915 G
B-HI: 1,845 G
B-TT: 65 G

C-1: 2,015/2,031 G
C-2: 3,392 G
C-3: 2,448/2,558 G
C-4: 937 G
C-5: 3,275 G
C-OI: 2,323 G
C-S: 2,613 G

D-1: 2,527 G
D-2: 2,031 G
D-3: 2,345/2,430 G
D-SI: 2,267 G
D-CR: 60 G

E-1: 2,532/2,618 G
E-2: 3,174 G
E-3: 3,715 G
E-4: 0 G
E-5: 4,692 G
E-TI: 2,344 G
E-StK: 60 G

F-ANtR: 360 G

This is what I have discovered and I have been working on this for over 2 months in the background. The 2 number discoveries are still meant to be tested. I have found that you can get an unlimited amount of G's in the Gloomy Manor levels except for Confront the Source. There is a specific glitch respawn that helps build the amount of gold you receive, and it can be achievable by every person that owns a copy of the game. [On a side-note, the Least Health Lost max is and will forever be 0, since that is the lowest amount you can lose] I hope you guys read this, now I'm going to try to get these scores to improve my rank. Thank you for reading this post, and enjoy your day in VGR!

MWT 2.0

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2019-03-22 21:22:29  
I have now discovered the glitch that allows you to get infinite ghosts in B-Boss Tree Topping. So that counter can officially end at 9,999 ghosts captured in that level alone. However, judging from how long it takes to get 100, it seems as if this possibility might be the most time-wrenching, finger hurting, record this site will ever witness. My goal is to at least hit the platinum record, but at some point, I might go for what seems as impossible....

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