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2020-01-10 18:23:04 - Last edit the 2020-01-10 18:28:37  
I'm sure it's not just me but you have probably had different nicknames in the past. For example I mostly go by the name of Frosty now ,however on XBOX I still go by older nickname: Infinity ZeroYT.

This is a new concept I think would generally be useful.

This would be part of the my account tab and If the user had/has multiple nicknames they can be separated with commas.

I will look forward to how the community reacts to this idea I think it's more of an out of the blue concept that I reckon is going to conveinnent. Please give your thoughts I genuinely interested on what you might think of this!

2020-01-11 07:09:09  
I guess it could be a cool idea, but we don't need it coded into the website. We can do it ourselves if we wish in the "Introduction" tab of our profile.
Still, if it were implemented into the site, would it only be for Old usernames used on VGR or do you mean anywhere?
Some people here on VGR have requested a name change, and there is no clear indication that they had a different name in the past.

2020-01-11 11:15:05  
It can be used for anywhere and not just VGR Username Changes, I think an official nicknaming system would be better than using the introduction section, Because it doesn't really feel right.

2020-01-13 01:09:20  
That's fine. It's an idea, and ideas are always welcome here.  

Btw, I started playing Super Mario Maker 2 for the remaining time charts and noticed you didn't use Checkpoints. If you wonder why my score is better, it is only because of that. On VGR, checkpoints are allowed.

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