How does it work?

Video Games Records is a video games high scores website. You can compete with hundreds of gamers. A large number of games are available on a ton of platforms. From Atari to latest consoles, including PC and mobile phone, you have the choice!

You want to compete? It's easy!

  1. Sign up for free to create your gamer account.
  2. Find the game you want to submit high scores on.
  3. Once you've found your game, submit your scores!

Submit a score

To submit a score, you just have to be a member. Once you're a member, you can submit your scores on any games available on the website.

Of course, you can't submit fake scores and your scores have to respect some rules. If you want to know what is allowed or not, you should read rules of the website.

Verifying scores

By default, anybody can submit a score without having to prove it. In our mind, we hope people are honest and we trust everyone.
Yet once you have submitted a score any member can request that you provide proof.

If the request is considered reasonable you’ll receive a private message warning you about the 15 days you get to prove your score. If you don’t prove it during this time, your score is deactivated and you cannot submit another score on this chart until you provide proof!

Moreover, there are a few cases where we're asking you to prove a score right after it is submitted:

  • Starting from 300 submitted scores, you have to prove at least 3% of your scores. If you try to submit a 301st without enough proofs, you won't be able to submit it.
  • Whatever the number of submitted scores, any new score granting a first place on a chart has to be proved. Until you send your proof, it is not taken into account in the rankings. After 15 days waiting for a proof, the score is deactivated. If you are the first player to submit to a chart, this rule does not apply.

Of course, you can also prove a score without waiting for somebody to ask for it!
It’s very easy, just go to your score then click on the “Add a proof” button.

You will be able to upload a picture or a video and wait for a moderator to validate it!

Rankings and badges

The ultimate goal of your scores is to be the top ranked player in the different rankings of the site. There are several levels and types of rankings.

Points rankings

Each score gives you some RecordsPoints depending on your position and the number of members who had sent a score on the same chart. The more people who submit to a chart, the more RecordsPoints you earn for the same position.

Medals rankings

The 3 best scores each earn a medal: bronze, silver and gold; with a special platinum medal awarded for an untied first place score.


We also reward the first player on a game with a Master Badge. This badge will grant you some BadgesPoints and allow you to take part in the badges ranking. This ranking works in the same manner as RecordPoints; the more submitters there are, the more points you earn for the same place.

The other badges’ types are there to demonstrate your involvement in the site.

Request a new game

Even if we already have a lot of games on the website, it is possible that the game you want to compete on isn't on the website yet. If so, you easily can submit it on the forums.

You just need to follow some simple rules in order to guarantee a quality game request. If your suggestion follows the rules, an admin will add the game on the website and you will be able to submit your scores!

Join the community!

Beyond high scores, Video Games Records is also a community of gamers you can meet on the forums.
So don't hesitate to come and talk with them!