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2019-10-19 07:57:15 - Last edit the 2019-10-19 17:27:38  
I know I'm a bit late to be making an introduction considering I've been here for about four years as I'm making this, but better late than never I guess lol. I'm lilGreenYoshi. I've been called other shortened names like Yoshi, lilGreen, TheGreenDude and Greenie before, call me what you want, I don't have much of a preference. Now to how I got here and what I mainly do.

I first signed up here because I heard people talking about this place at wii-records.com(which is now gone, rip). Due to wii-records' disappearance, I post all my records here. Some of my old photos got lost unfortunately.

I mainly play nintendo games like the Wii Sports games, Mario Kart 8 deluxe, and many of the mario platformers. I've had a main focus in super mario sunshine speedrunning for a while, so that's why I haven't posted many records here recently.

I may add things to this intro if I can think of anything more.

I'll try to be more active here now than I have been these past few months, I hope I get to know some of you! :)

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2019-10-19 10:49:59  
Hey! Nice to know more about you!
As always, have fun with us on VGR, and feel free to write on the comments section, participate on the debate, or give your point of view for everything!


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2019-10-19 12:18:44  
Welcome to VGR (finally).  
It's nice to see someone with 100% of proven scores here, and to learn more about you with this presentation. Don't hesitate to participate to any topic in the forum, and why not to bring on VGR some other people from Wii records.
Have fun here, with games and people.  

2019-10-19 22:19:22 - Last edit the 2019-10-19 22:51:41  
Thanks for the welcome you guys! I try to prove my records whenever possible. It seems weird to not prove them imo. That might be because back when wii-records was a thing proof was mandatory. Finally got around to proving a few that I didn't prove earlier because I want to have 100% proven. From here on out I'm going to always prove my records.

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2019-10-20 15:13:15  
Welcome here (even if you're not really a newcomer  ).

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