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DLC - Vocals - Expert

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(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady 0
1979 0
21st Century (Digital Boy) 0
Adrenalina 0
Ain't Got Nothin' 0
All Nightmare Long 0
All the World Is Mad 0
Angel 0
Another Way to Die 0
Anything 'Cept the Truth 0
Audience of One 0
Bag It Up 0
Because of You 0
Black Betty 0
Black Friday 0
Bloodmeat 0
Bodhisattva 0
Bomb the World 0
Born to Run 0
Break It Out 0
Broken, Beat & Scarred 0
C-lebrity 0
Cadillac Solitario (Live) 0
Carolina (Live) 0
Chalkdust Torture (Live) 0
Cherry Cola 0
Commotion 0
Consoler of the Lonely 0
Cyanide 0
C'est Comme Ça 0
Death Blossoms 0
Debaser 0
Degenerated 0
Dez Moines 0
Dimension 0
Dis-Moi 0
Disconnected 0
Down with Disease (Live) 0
Drive 0
Electro Rock 0
Everything's Magic 0
Falling Down 0
Fat Bottomed Girls 0
Fire (Live at Woodstock) 0
Fly One Time 0
Foxey Lady (Live at Woodstock) 0
Frail Grasp on the Big Picture 0
Freedom 0
G.L.O.W. 0
Get Out of Denver 0
Gimme All Your Lovin' 0
Grave of Opportunity 0
Her Strut 0
Hi Hi Hi 0
Hier kommt Alex 0
Hillbilly Deluxe 0
Hold Up 0
Horse to Water 0
Hot Blooded 0
Human 0
I Am the Arsonist 0
I Only Want You 0
If 6 Was 9 0
In the Shadows 0
Iron Fist 0
It's Nice to Know You Work Alone 0
I'll Never Know 0
I'm Outta Time 0
I'm Shipping Up to Boston 0
Jailbait 0
Jessie's Girl 0
Jet 0
Jimi 0
Johnny 0
Junior's Farm 0
Kid Charlemagne 0
Life in the Fast Lane 0
Light It Up 0
Linoleum 0
Little Wing 0
Look Good in Leather 0
Losing Touch 0
Love Me Like a Reptile 0
Low 0
Lycanthrope 0
Mama Maè 0
Man-Sized Wreath 0
Me and My Gang 0
Monkey Gone to Heaven 0
Mr. Brightside 0
My Apocalypse 0
My Lucky Day 0
Negative Creep 0
New Slang 0
New Wave 0
NJ Legion Iced Tea 0
No Rain 0
Nothing All the Time 0
Number with No Name 0
Oh Yeah! 0
Old Time Rock and Roll 0
On Broken Glass 0
One of These Nights 0
Outtathaway! 0
Panic Switch 0
Por La Boca Vive El Pez 0
Ready to Fall 0
Rock and Roll Band 0
Ruby Soho 0
Sacrifice 0
Salute Your Solution 0
Sample in a Jar (Live) 0
Sappy 0
Shimmer & Shine 0
Sliver 0
So What 0
Soldier On 0
Stay Away 0
Stop and Stare 0
Supernatural Superseriou 0
That Was Just Your Life 0
The Bitter End 0
The Day That Never Comes 0
The End of the Line 0
The Everlasting Gaze 0
The Judas Kiss 0
The Martyr 0
The Nature of Reality 0
The Sad Punk 0
The Shock of the Lightning 0
The Silence Is Deafening 0
The Touch 0
The Turning 0
The Unforgiven III 0
Ticks 0
To Be Where There's Life 0
Tomorrow 0
Use Me 0
Very Ape 0
Waiting for the Rapture 0
We Are the Champions 0
Well Thought Out Twinkles 0
What Have You Done 0
What's My Age Again ? 0
Wonderwall 0
You Know You're Right 0
Young Cardinals 0
Your Face 0
'54, '74, '90, 2010 0
  Names Top score Nickname
(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady


21st Century (Digital Boy)


Ain't Got Nothin'

All Nightmare Long

All the World Is Mad


Another Way to Die

Anything 'Cept the Truth

Audience of One

Bag It Up

Because of You

Black Betty

Black Friday



Bomb the World

Born to Run

Break It Out

Broken, Beat & Scarred


Cadillac Solitario (Live)

Carolina (Live)

Chalkdust Torture (Live)

Cherry Cola


Consoler of the Lonely


C'est Comme Ça

Death Blossoms



Dez Moines




Down with Disease (Live)


Electro Rock

Everything's Magic

Falling Down

Fat Bottomed Girls

Fire (Live at Woodstock)

Fly One Time

Foxey Lady (Live at Woodstock)

Frail Grasp on the Big Picture



Get Out of Denver

Gimme All Your Lovin'

Grave of Opportunity

Her Strut

Hi Hi Hi

Hier kommt Alex

Hillbilly Deluxe

Hold Up

Horse to Water

Hot Blooded


I Am the Arsonist

I Only Want You

If 6 Was 9

In the Shadows

Iron Fist

It's Nice to Know You Work Alone

I'll Never Know

I'm Outta Time

I'm Shipping Up to Boston


Jessie's Girl




Junior's Farm

Kid Charlemagne

Life in the Fast Lane

Light It Up


Little Wing

Look Good in Leather

Losing Touch

Love Me Like a Reptile



Mama Maè

Man-Sized Wreath

Me and My Gang

Monkey Gone to Heaven

Mr. Brightside

My Apocalypse

My Lucky Day

Negative Creep

New Slang

New Wave

NJ Legion Iced Tea

No Rain

Nothing All the Time

Number with No Name

Oh Yeah!

Old Time Rock and Roll

On Broken Glass

One of These Nights


Panic Switch

Por La Boca Vive El Pez

Ready to Fall

Rock and Roll Band

Ruby Soho


Salute Your Solution

Sample in a Jar (Live)


Shimmer & Shine


So What

Soldier On

Stay Away

Stop and Stare

Supernatural Superseriou

That Was Just Your Life

The Bitter End

The Day That Never Comes

The End of the Line

The Everlasting Gaze

The Judas Kiss

The Martyr

The Nature of Reality

The Sad Punk

The Shock of the Lightning

The Silence Is Deafening

The Touch

The Turning

The Unforgiven III


To Be Where There's Life


Use Me

Very Ape

Waiting for the Rapture

We Are the Champions

Well Thought Out Twinkles

What Have You Done

What's My Age Again ?


You Know You're Right

Young Cardinals

Your Face

'54, '74, '90, 2010

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