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2019-05-14 15:54:37 - Last edit the 2019-09-30 11:02:19  
the only gex record makes no sense. you can play the easy first level again and again and collect points and extra lives this way too easily.

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2019-09-30 11:02:27  
So what should we do for this?

2019-10-01 14:04:41  
i would say just remove the whole game.

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2019-10-02 10:09:46 - Last edit the 2019-10-02 10:16:08  
There is many games in VGR where you can play them almost endlessly.
Then, the goal is simply to be more patient, and maybe a little bit more skilled.

I don't think it's a good idea to delete this game, because:
- that's the unique score for this game. Sometimes, there is many stats in a game, where some of them can be less useful, so opened to discussion. But here, it's a global high score.
- you are probably the only one who found this game easy, because otherwise the others members made it too. But they did not, so it seems not easy for them.
- you did not reached the max amount of points here (maybe 9 999 950 ?), so you are far to have "finished" the game. Do it, if it's so easy...
- this game shows a score, which can be prooved. One of the VGR site goals is to list all the video games records, easy or not.
- last but not least, if you want to remove this game, you need to ask others members opinion, and majority of them are not there anymore (last connexions: 2012 for Reptile7, 2016 for Rolsnop, 2013 for Nekfeu). It also means that nobody asked to remove the game since 7 years, it's a lot.

So, sorry, but even if you found something easy, you represent a minority compared to the 4 other members. You should probably wait the opinion of TigrN, please write to him if he doesn't see this topic in the next weeks.

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2019-10-02 12:32:32 - Last edit the 2019-10-02 12:40:26  
I agree with shrouwehkuggah that getting a high score in Gex does not require any special skill and is all about patience. Yet the same can be said of most platformers of that era, including cult classics such as Super Mario World among many others. For this reason, Gex should be part of VGR in my view.

Sometimes the game-within-the-game is to find the fastest/cheapest way to build up score effortlessly. I haven't found any very fast technique to build up score in Gex yet, but someone might do so one day: as long as the max score hasn't been reached (9999950ish) the competition is on for this master badge.

The deeper question is probably about what can be considered a "real" high score ("real" as something requiring skills). This has been discussed a lot on the forum in the past ten years, and the current stance of this website is to accept and treat equally any video game score which can be proved with a picture or a video. The well-known downside of this approach is the flood of ranking-breaking games that many consider as "not real scores", to which VGR responded by hiding the broken rankings and introducing new ones.

Other websites such as Cyberscore have eventually introduced a more arbitrary/pragmatic (depending on your point of view) approach with several categories of scores which do not contribute to the global rankings in the same manner (or do not contribute to the same rankings), while still allowing for any game with provable scores to be added.

There is no ideal solution, and the current situation is not ideal, but one possible gaming approach is to ignore the global rankings and focus on the skill-based games that you like and try to snap up those master badges. Players caring about skills will recognise the value of the most prestigious master badges.

2019-10-02 17:25:50 - Last edit the 2019-10-02 18:47:44  
ok, i don't care.

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2019-11-21 15:10:27  
I archive this thread, since it seems that the discussion is over and there is nothing to do.

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