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2020-09-07 11:22:11 - Last edit the 2020-09-07 11:24:06  
Gasly won the GP of Italy in Monza ! Incroyable !   
After an audacious pit stop strategy (and lucky, probably), he prooved his skills with a weaker car in a second start, and even resisted a long time against better cars.
In Monza, where aspiration is a key factor, he kept a small advantage, until the end.
Great performance !

Impossible n'est pas français...  

Last time a french man won a GP was ... 24 years ago, in 1996.
Gasly was just born in 1996, and the best game at this time was Formula 1 https://picture.video-games-records.com/badge/master_formula1.gif", on Playstation (I bought this system mainly for this game).
It was a different time.
Now I hope the next french GP winner is already born.
But I don't know if F1 will still exist in this format: the engines will probably be electric (I hope so, even if the motor sound is really not similar  ), or it will be merged with e-Formula 1, which already exist.

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