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2019-04-12 15:34:38  
I just have a remark on the recent Final Soldier scores on PC Engine/Turbografx of Zimer.

1) Can you confirm this was played on a real machine (PC Engine/Turbografx) cause I noticed a powered on Wii behind your tv (blue light).

I don't mind if you play on a Wii but this game marks 'PC Engine/Turbografx' only. There is no Wii tag.

I don't know if all Wii/Wii U virtual console games have a separate category but if this score is played on a Wii maybe these scores should be moved or the 'Wii' tag should be added to this game (and maybe others).

Because now it is confusing. I consider virtual console as emulation.

And if it was played on a real genuine machine, sorry I bothered you with this but it's always a nice idea to post the machine included (or have an URL with your video).



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