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2020-01-25 19:46:21 - Last edit the 2020-02-01 10:43:28  
Final Freeway (Ad Version)

Best Score Score (+)
High Score

Quickest Laps Time x:xx.xx (-)
East Coast City
American Desert
Green Hills
Rome Madness
Snowy Mountains
Miami Sunset

Extra Info: Time is in Minutes:Seconds:Centiseconds (m:ss.cc) in this format: 1'23".45
1:23.45 format is fine as well
Also, the iOS version is different. It will need it's own page. I'll try to see if I can request it.

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2020-02-01 10:38:35  
coming soon

2020-02-02 08:35:49  
Thank you. I couldn't find out anything on the iOS version, I just know the name on iOS doesn't have (Ad Version). I don't remember what differences I discovered when I last looked it up but I can't find it anymore.  

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