End of the VGR Tournament #14

Issued by Basile

December! We are now close to the end of the year.. What? I Am late with this summary..?


Yes, I admit that I was a little late this time.

Anyway, let's look together the final abstract of the VGR Tournament #14:


For the Team Tournament, Cyberscore loose his semi-final with a loss of 100 platinums, letting the Retro Gamers Gang [RG2] reaching his first final.

On the other side, the HUGE semi-final was opposing B2H to DA. And it was DA who perfectly won this match, with a huge amount of platinums: 1244 earned in this semi-final! WOW! Obviously letting absolutely no chance to B2H that still win 312 platinums! 

Then, the 3rd place match saw the B2H win against CS with 826 platinus! The B2H is finishing 3rd this time, congratulations!

And finally, the team final saw the surprising RG2 loose without earning any platinum against the DA, broad winners of this tournament.


The Dark Alliance wins the 14th VGR Tournament! Huge well done!

Let's check the individual tournament next:

After defeating Basile, and Vivi_Stem, Atomiks reaches the final, final he has deserved because he easily defeat all his opponents in his previous matches, earning more than 500 platinums until there!

On the other side, by defeating in a tight match Asep, then by winning against one of the biggest revelation of this tournament RemoteFortress in a huge match, Quar reaches the final by earning more than 600 platinums, and defeating the rank leader #1 Happykid, just that!


The tough match for the 3rd place let RemoteFortress win by 138 to 103 against Vivi_Stem. Congratulations to both of them for this great journey, knowing it was their first appearance in a VGR Tournament!

And then, the final saw another "newcomer" win. Quar beats Atomiks at the end of the suspense 293 platinums to 126! Congratulations! Quar won 912 plats in this tournament, a great performance!


Quar is the winner of the VGR Tournament #14! Congratulations!

This really particular tournament was full of surprises!

With the favorites and the headliners loosing earlier in the tournament, some members winning their matches without earning any plats, or few, or others going through the tournament with collateral damages... Without forgetting, obviously, the huge amount of new members that gave everything they have for this tournament, trying to go as far as possible. It was a complete edition, filled with lots of twists!

Quar is now the second no-french speaker to win a tournament, after ThePandaEmperor in the last tournament! Two the same year, well done!

Thanks to everybody to be really invested in this tournament, hoping that you really enjoyed playing with us!


Let's look the ranking of the VGR Tournaments, kept and updated by Zephyraz:

                                           Points        Platinums       Participations
1     happykid                             69                                     12  
2     zephyraz                             62                                     14
3     Lucario                                61                                     12
4     Ultim’D                                41                                      12
5     Smoka                                 39                                     13
6     greendayseb                      38              1786                8
7     Foxof                                   38                236               14    
8     yicestmoi                            36              7631                9
9     Basile                                  36              3725               11
10   TigrN                                   36                896                10
11   Dark Eon Master                 36                851               14
12   33Tails                                34                                     11
13   Undead                               32              2191               13
14   PMniac                               32                  941               12
15   narutokyuby                      31                                       6
16   BlackShark                         30                                       7
17   DJ Atomika                         27               3550               6
18   Djon                                   27                  591              11
19   pkaddict58                         24                  893                9
20   Pest                                   24                  554               4
21   tomgeek                            24                  457                8
22   Bradon D.                           21                 722                6
23   Prenz                                 21                 485                7
24   silvaphie                            20                 627                7
25   Yuri                                     20                248                8              
26   Nostalgiker                         20                212                8
27   monsterarceus                   20                206                 9  
28   niconoe                              19               2860               7
29   Tundra                               19               1351               6
30   Sol-Solo                              19                746               7                              
31   Croctus                               19                 337              9
32   xdman                                19                 309              6


From now on, only Zephyraz, Dark Eon Master and Foxof participated to ALL the Tournaments.

However, Happykid is till a strong leader with 69 pts, followed by the new 2nd Zephyraz with 62pts and Lucario with 61pts.

The three leaders are still showing a huge lead, with more than 20pts before the others! The rest of the ranking is still undecided, from the 5th Smoka with 39pts to the 12th 33Tails with 34pts, the differences are really weak!

Also note that, the last winner ThePandaEmperor is not in the ranking (yet), same for Quar, who just starts the VGR Tournaments. We will also note the great performance of Pest, who's the weakest player in terms of participations (4) but who's 20th, which is a great achievement!

Now, it will be really complicated for the players to reach the three heading leaders, but, seeing this tournament, everything can happen in the future! We will have to be careful, because lots of possibilities and surprises can appear in the future! 

The next edition of the VGR Tournament will probably be the last one of the V6 era. Don't miss it!



Thanks everybody for reading me, and sorry for the approximative english translation!

You can ask if you have any requests, or suggestions about the VGR Tournaments, or just read what was previously said, here:



Thanks for making VGR alive, and thanks for staying with us every day. I hope you will always having fun with us! Now, I am giving you an appointment for the next tournament. Until there, good scores to everyone, and take care!



01/12/2019 22:35
Thanks a lot Basile for all these news on the VGR Tournament. It was really nice to read them, and it gave more life to the event !  
And congratulations to our team for the final win. I'm really happy we won it, you all made an amazing work !
01/12/2019 22:40
My last link does not showed up...
You can have it here:


Sorry for the mistake
01/12/2019 22:42
I enjoyed reading these news articles a lot, thank you Basile!  
01/12/2019 23:10
Congratulations to my team for winning this tournament, and thanks for helping me advance a bit in this tournament. You guys are great!
02/12/2019 11:37
Even if I loose early with collateral domages, or whatever, it was a great tournament to follow
Congratulations to everybody and thanks for this
06/12/2019 12:03
Congratulations Quar and DA for winning this tournament