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2020-01-18 23:07:16 - Last edit the 2020-01-18 23:25:05  
Hello everyone.  

After talking with ★♪Richie♪★ about the remaining time charts, I found out that Luigi Parts can be used to get better times on Story Mode.
Luigi Parts include: 1 Super Mushroom, 1 Super Star, 1 Fire Flower, 1 Game Style Unique Power Up, 1 POW Block, and 99 Hard Blocks.
Here is an example picture:

At any point in the level, you can press (-) "Minus" to open up the Luigi Parts menu, which pauses the in-game timer. You can then place any item on the course that is visible on screen.
You can make an impossible jump possible by using the hard blocks to create a platform to reach the area that would have been impossible without Luigi Parts.

I tried to see how much it could improve a record. Take a look at this Picture of Level 4 of Story Mode done without the use of Luigi Parts:

Now take a look at this one done with as many Luigi Parts as I needed to beat the course in the fastest possible time:

Richie came up with the idea of having 2 different record groups: 1 with No Luigi Parts allowed, and 1 with Luigi Parts allowed.
I like the idea, but because Checkpoints also come into play, I suggest this:

2 Record Groups.

1 for "Anything Goes" where you can use anything possible in-game to achieve the best record, including Checkpoints and Luigi Parts. No proof required and a simple picture as proof works.
1 for No Checkpoint and No Luigi Parts. Video proof is desired to verify that checkpoints and Luigi Parts weren't used.

I believe this suggestion works best for the current site. I want to hear everyone else's thoughts on this subject.

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2020-01-20 11:11:57  

For now the current groups should stay as a "No Rules" (Except Cheat and Freeze Timer)
I'm okay with this groups as proposed but in VGR V7 with video proofs submissions only and rules explained
But maybe some others members would want to add others groups like :
"No Checkpoint / Luigi Parts Allowed "
"Checkpoint Allowed / Luigi Parts Forbidden"
We must have a rules to not add records X 4 on VGR for each rules or maybe give more points to the "standard" groups.
To resume, i'm for waiting VGR V7 to adding this kind of specific rules groups but would be great to not have more specific groups than no rules / classic groups.

2020-01-21 04:47:23  
Though I would love to have a Checkpoints allowed, but no Luigi Parts rule, It wouldn't be the best for VGR. I think in this case, the polar opposites should be the only ones allowed, if not we have too many records and variations of the same levels.

The Opposites being Anything Goes or "No Rules" (The Current one), and then No Checkpoint and No Parts rule. So, 1 That allows both Checkpoints and Parts, and 1 that doesn't allow either of them.

The Current record group can stay as the "Anything Goes" group and once VGR v7 comes out, we can add the other one.

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